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Thanks for being my Santa! I hope I haven't made your life difficult with my choices ^^;; I already put in the details of my singup everything I really want, so feel free to disregard this entirely, but I know some Santas prefer more input over less, so here goes:

-I like slash, het, and femmeslash (though I don't think femmeslash would fit in any of the requests I made this year...). Gen is great, too! So don't feel like you have to toss people into bed if you're not cool with that.

-Any rating is fine. Graphic violence and/or sex is great, but tame is great, too. But please nothing extremely kinky or non-con (dub-con is cool, especially for the Hotel Dusk prompt, like if there needs to be a LOT of alcohol involved).

-I prefer angst over fluff. Sweet and sentimental is great as long as it's not too WAFF. I like ships that are complex and bittersweet.

-My fav pairings for these fandoms are Blake/Jayden, Kyle/Bradley, Kyle/Rachel, Kyle/Dylan, Reese/Finch, Reese/Fusco, Finch/Fusco. I'm okay with tons of others, but please no Blake/Madison, Kyle/Mila, or Carter/Fusco. (whoa just realized I've got two Detective Carters. Carter Blake/Lionel Fusco blows my mind a little now that I think about it).

I hope that helps, or at least doesn't derail you! ^^;; Thanks again, I'm looking forward to reveals already~


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