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Samurai Warriors
The Evil Within
Until Dawn
Muramasa: The Demon Blade
Batman: Arkham series (video games)

Read the letter.

This year for Yuletide I'm in a mood for mayhem. Most of my fandoms here are horror and I'd love something dark, rough, or just plain dramatic. I like characters that are conflicted, romances that have to be worked for, settings that are scary or mysterious. Sadfics that range anywhere from bittersweet to soul-crushing are welcome. Fics that are tense and action-y are great, too. Porn is also awesome. I love plot-oriented fics, but I'm just as happy with characters talking/fighting with each other as they try to work out their relationships. I'm okay with a rating level anywhere from general to explicit, in terms of violence or sex. Dark or cynical comedy is also a plus. I like deathfic, but if you go that route I'd rather it feature the actual death, not just one character reflecting after the fact, if you know what I mean ("It's been three weeks since X died and Y can't get over it..." etc).

If that's not really your cup of tea, above all I like fic that fits with the spirit of the canon. Until Dawn can be campy horror fun, The Evil Within can be gross and cynical, whatever the canon calls for. Filling in the missing pieces of canon is one of my favorite types of fic.

Things I like
Pretty much covered this above but here are some specific tropes I'm into:

-First times. Not just in reference to sex, but characters having revelations, doing things they've never done before, exploring sides of themselves they didn't want to admit, things of that nature. First time sex is great, too!

-Large disparities between characters in a relationship. I enjoy power imbalance couples, size difference couples, age difference couples. I like pairs where one member is obviously much stronger physically than the other, while the other is more emotionally stable (or maybe one is stronger in both). If these differences are in flux that's great, too (I like to write couples that switch in the bedroom).

-Characters getting shot. I love hurt/comfort as much as the next fan, but there's something particular with me about characters and gunshot wounds. If I'm watching a show and a character I didn't care about before gets shot, they're suddenly my favorite. Why, I don't know, but having a character tend for another that's been shot is the fastest way to get me on board any plot.

-Pairing fic, though I'm not dissatisfied with gen. I like slash, femmeslash, and het, in that order. I like threesomes and more. I have a section for porn below, but having it or not isn't a dealbreaker for me. In general I like intense relationships with a physical component, so even if it doesn't get to a romantic or porny level, characters touching, lifting each other up, close-quarters fighting, all that is fantastic.

Things I don't like

-Fluff and crack. Not to say I don't enjoy a hopeful or happy ending, but some conflict in getting there is half the fun!

-Alternate Universe. I am very invested in these canon settings and am not interested in taking the characters anywhere else. Canon-divergence and What If stories that keep the setting intact is cool, though. 

-1st or 2nd person POV. I don't have a preference for tense.

-D/s or BDSM. I like rough sex fic, characters pinning each other down and such, but I'm not interested in characters negotiating scenes/roles, or toys/ropes/rigs etc. Spontaneity > preparation for me. 

-Infidelity. I don't mind misunderstandings and jealousy in a fic, but outright, intentional cheating really turns me off.

-Omegaverse. I'm open to bizarre pregnancies (hello Bloodborne), "drugs/hormones made me do it," a lot of the things that Omegaverse has, actually, but I'd rather all characters kept their human physiology (the characters that are human, anyway).


I am always happy to receive porn! I'll put some gen and porn options in my fandoms portion, but in general I like porn that is intense rather than sweet. I'll take slash, femmeslash, and het. I like solo, pairings, threesomes or more. I like complicated situations and when desire overrides inhibition. I'm especially fond of breathplay, especially if it's done with hands or a person's weight. Sex while still partially clothed is awesome. Penetration, oral, hand jobs, frottage - all awesome. Things and actions being sexualized that aren't normally considered sexual is awesome. 

Characters getting off on things they didn't think they would ever get off on is SUPER awesome.

For some of the darker fandoms (Bloodborne, The Evil Within), I'm also totally okay with mixing pain with pleasure, tentacles, barbed wire, mind control.

Things I'd rather not receive: Watersports, scat, stuffing, genderswap. 

Sengoku Musou / Samurai Warriors
Naoe Kanetsugu

Naoe has been my favorite SW character ever since he was introduced. I love that he's a man of passion, loyalty, and duty. He feels everything at 100% and I drink up that melodrama every time. SW has plenty of hero characters, but I appreciate that Naoe can be a strong and capable general while also being kind of giant goober at the same time.

What I'm not so crazy about is how he's become more and more of a caricature as the games go on. His dedication to love and honor is more of a joke than anything now. I miss when he was given the chance to be serious as well. One of my favorite scenes in the series is back in SW2, when Keiji stopped him from killing himself after Mitsunari's death. Naoe feels things very strongly, and while I laugh along with everyone else when he, Azai, and Ma Chong wax poetic about duty and grace, I don't like seeing him ridiculed. Basically, I would like any fic where he's treated as a full-fledged character and not just kooky love-obsessed comic relief.

Gen - In gen I would like to see something of Naoe out on campaign. Any of his battles could make for something action or angst-oriented. Him trying to fight off the Date army while his friends are off fighting their own battles, struggling and dying, could be great drama. If you're more familiar with 4, his struggle during the fight between Kagekatsu and Kagetora would be fascinating, as he tries to understand each's position and how he's supposed to fit in. I'd also be interested in him growing up under Kenshin, what it was that made him so invested in the concept of love and honor, and how those values might have been tested. You could even go a little meta and explore how Naoe realizes that other people consider him a joke, but he's not going to let it change him.

Naoe / Date - I love how Naoe's straight-forward sentiment clashes with Date's temper. Their ideologies are different enough that they can't quite get along, but at the same time, each has admirable traits worthy of respecting. I like the idea of them having to fight at Hasedo, frustratingly far removed from the main conflict at Sekigahara, but still giving it their all. Or maybe sometime afterward, with Tokugawa in power, and Naoe has to cope with having lost to someone like Date while at the same time losing his friends. 

If Date captures Naoe at Hasedo and tries to break him, I would not complain either :3

Naoe / Kagekatsu - Kagekatsu certainly doesn't have as much to say as Naoe or Date, but he can still be very intense. I like that he's physically much more imposing than Naoe, able to overpower him if he needed (or wanted) to, while Naoe is devoted to serving him as much as Kenshin, and trusts him not to use that strength against him. I especially like the idea of Kagekatsu pining away after Naoe to the point where he can't take it anymore and finally makes his move. Especially if he thinks Naoe is involved with someone else (whether or not he is). Naoe getting topped by burly Kagekatsu would be a dream come true!

Naoe / Yukimura, Naoe / Mitsunari - These three made such a great trio, I wouldn't mind seeing Naoe with either of them (or both at once!). Though each of them have a very different temperament, they understand each other deeply. I'd love to see him bring either (or both!) out of their shell and show them what being the Love General is all about. And if they tragically die afterwards....that's fine, too!

Eileen the Crow

Bloodborne is my first Souls game, and boy is it a doozy. The first time I played, I almost quit because it was so hard and I had no idea where to go or what to do. Now that I'm 2 trophies away from Platinum, I appreciate that so much. Every time I play the game it's a struggle, an accomplishment, and I love that. I love unraveling its mysteries while still keeping that sense of horror and uncertainty. I love the tension that comes with it.

Plus the aesthetic is totally up my alley. I love the steampunk aspects, the Lovecraftian influences, so if you feel the urge to get purple in your prose, know that I'm all for it. But please don't feel pressured to, if you don't! But I love the setting and especially the outfits, so any emphasis you want to put on style and attire is welcome.

I'm requesting my favorite character, Eileen. I find her really fascinating even though we don't know much about her. She's been a hunter for a long time, it seems, and she takes some degree of pride in her work as a Hunter of Hunters. She warns the player about how loathsome it is, tries to warn you against it, but will allow you to join her ranks once she sees you can handle it. She describes herself as an old woman who traveled from far away. Did she come to Yharnam hoping to kill beasts, but found a different calling? Was she once a dreamer who surrendered to Gehrman? Why does she have history with The Crow Of Cainhurst and does she survive her encounter with him? I'd love to see any of these questions explored.

I'm also a huge fan of the Lovecraftian horror/mystery aspect of the canon itself, so any world-building of the city through Eileen's eyes would be welcome. 

Eileen is voiced in the game by Jacqueline Boatswain, so if you decide to describe what she looks like under that mask, I'd prefer if you go with how the actress looks.

Gen – For gen, I'd love to see more about Eileen's life as a hunter, whether it's before she turned to killing other hunters or afterward. She wasn't born in Yharnam but she must have some connection to the city and her "duty" for her to want to keep it up. Maybe she came seeking fame and stayed for the bloodlust. Maybe she comes from a city that was already lost to the Scourge. I wouldn't mind seeing her take the place of the player hunter, going through the main plot of the game, maybe teaming up briefly with church hunters like Alfred or Yurie. Maybe she remembers Yharnam from a time when the Scourge was much less of a danger than it is now. She might have even been on the outside of the battle for Old Yharnam before it was burned. Her slow descent from "I'm making a difference against these beasts" to "I'm slaughtering my own kind" would be heartbreaking and awesome. 

I'm especially interested in the extra pressure that comes with being a female hunter in Yharnam. Can she use her own blood to heal? Is she in danger of being a womb for a Great One? That's something that has to weigh on the minds of any woman in Yharnam, assuming they're aware of that particular danger. Maybe she's been in Arianna's position before. Maybe she wouldn't mind if she were, or maybe it terrifies her. Maybe she took measures to prevent herself from ever getting pregnant just in case. Any of these angles would be really cool.

Femmeslash – If you're going to write shipfic with Eileen, I'd rather it be with another woman (Arianna, Yurie, Adella, Amelia, Iosefka – no Doll, please). I wouldn't mind Alfred or the Cainhurst Crow but in general it's the impact of femininity on the world of Yharnam that interests me most. Women play a special role in their society that doesn't really exist in ours, and seeing that explored and played on would be great. Maybe she rescues Arianna and brings her back to the chapel, and Arinna graciously shares her blood. Maybe she and Yurie clash over a target, or else Eileen takes it upon herself to kill Yurie, since it's clerics that become the worst beasts. Maybe when she first came to Yharnam she found solace in the church, and confided in Vicar Amelia or the nun Adella, only to have to slay them later. A final showdown/mercy killing between her and the imposter Iosefka would be cool, too. It's Bloodborne – I feel like tragedy and death ought to be on the menu somewhere!

I would also be very open to some kind of encounter between Eileen and a Great One, especially Ebrietas. Despite being "daughter" of the Cosmos we don't know that she can't bless a womb, do we? All those tentacles ought to be good for something! ;)

The Evil Within
Joseph Oda, Ruvik

The Evil Within is one my main fandoms at the moment, and the thing I like about it most is one of the same reasons I liked Inception fandom: the setting allows for just about anything. I love mind games, I love horror and gore, and in TEW it's so easy to have all that at a very intimate level and yet still allow the characters to walk away from it (or not). STEM is a dreamworld they supposedly all contribute to, but one of my disappointments with the game was that most of what we saw came from Ruvik, and to some degree, Kidman. I'd like to see some of Joseph's memories or personality reflected in the horrific settings, some of his personal demons on display. I want these characters to be deeply entwined in each other's minds and take advantage of each other's fears and desires. Basically, for it to be a bit more personal than the game itself. Joseph (and the rest of Team KCPD if you want) fighting some kind of boss monster that represents their fears, Ruvik straight up playing head games with him, or even some kind of revenge where Joseph gets the upper hand on Ruvik are all things I'd enjoy.

Gen - I asked for Joseph and Ruvik specifically because I feel like that's a relationship that didn't get enough focus in the game, and continues to be less present in fanworks, too. They don't even directly interact on screen, even though Ruvik's taunts to Sebastian in the elevator suggest that Ruvik at least has seen things in Joseph's mind, and may have spent time toying with him. I'd like to see some exploration of why Joseph out of our protagonists is the most susceptible to the Haunted process. There's even a built in opportunity: in the church when Sebastian goes flying into the catacombs, there's an implication there that Joseph is alone with Ruvik for a while. We don't see Joseph turn again after that, so maybe he found a way of fighting Ruvik off, or maybe Ruvik broke him so completely that becoming a Haunted just doesn't frighten him anymore.

I love fics that fill in the missing holes in canon, and this stretch of time between the church and Joseph showing up again by the bus is perfect for it.

I'm also very interested in Joseph's implied dark side. Some part of him wants to turn, after all. If Ruvik could dig out that reason, taunt him with it, maybe even get Joseph to surrender to it for a time, that would be delicious! Or, for a more distressing route, they explore Joseph's suicidal episode. Maybe it's not the first time he's tried to kill himself, and Ruvik is interested either in pushing him to do it, or else maybe he has strong feelings against it. 

Ruvik of all people must have been presented with the option of suicide at one point, after all, given how severe his injuries were. I don't necessarily want to see Ruvik go down a woobie route, but I do like to think of him as a supremely fucked up human being, who dealt with all the horrible things flung at him in the worst ways possible. So I'm open to seeing him humanized where possible, but without losing sight of the fact that he is a psychopath punishing others for what he's suffered.

I am also a HUGE fan of the Upgrade Chair, used in every possible way, and would be all for it being employed somehow. And in case you're thinking, "Croik I think you already wrote that fic for Sebastian~" YES, I did, and I would write it for Joseph, too, but then I'd feel like I was being too samey...? I would not be put out AT ALL to receive Upgrade Chair fic for Jo and would in fact be delighted to see someone else's take.

Ruvik/Joseph – I'd love to see something dark and sexy for these two. They don't get paired enough! Ruvik methodically pulling out Joseph's darkest secrets and desires, allowing him to indulge in them, just sounds awesome to me. Maybe Joseph has harbored these impulses for a long time, and Ruvik setting them free is as alluring to him as it is disturbing. Maybe he's able to turn the tables on Ruvik, who may or may not be well-versed sexually. I certainly don't mind Ruvik winding up on the receiving end of a beast he shouldn't have poked! Or Maybe Joseph is kept helpless, taking whatever Ruvik throws at him, and he has no choice but to admit how much he's getting off on it. 

I want our clean-cut, by-the-book detective to let his hair down, to learn things about himself he didn't know were there or was too afraid to admit to. Bring out the monsters, the barbed wire bondage, the tingle of scars on skin, whatever it takes!

Ruvik/Joseph/Sebastian – Also very open to Sebastian being a part of this, though I didn't request him because I don't want to require that he be involved (I'd like the focus to stay on Joseph). But the three of these guys together would be wicked fun. Maybe Ruvik forces them into some kind of terrible "fuck or die" scenario. Maybe he mind-controls one or both into doing terrible, sexy things to the other. I'd especially like this if Joseph has been harboring secret feelings for Sebastian, and he feels guilty about how grateful he is that Ruvik's giving him the excuse to act on them. 

Maybe Ruvik forces Haunted!Sebastian to non-con Joseph, and Seb feels terrrrrible about it, but for Joseph it's everything he's wanted, and then he has that horrible dilemma of how much he admits to it. If Joseph tops Seb that is just as fantastic.

If you want to take it post-canon, a possible outcome is to have Ruvik escape via Sebastian instead of Leslie, and Joseph having to handle that. Maybe they hook up before Joseph has figured it out, and then he has to make that terrible choice, can he save Sebastian, or is he lost and killing Ruvik is the only option? Drama and angst!

AU – I know I already said No AU, but there is one scenario I'd be interested in: Joseph is admitted to Beacon for an attempted suicide, and Never-Burned!Ruvik winds up his doctor. And Ruvik proceeds to take advantage of him as much as possible. If he's still developing the STEM or if he only has his normal human limitations, I could take either. But Ruvik breaking Joseph down, maybe using him in an experiment, winning him over (or getting won over himself) would be great.

Until Dawn
Josh, Mike, Jessica

I watch and love a lot of terrible SyFy original movies, and that's why I love Until Dawn. The cheesiness, the tropes, the over-the-top everything is what I'm there for. But in this case I'm not in it so much for the monsters as I am a semi-specific prompt.

Josh/Mike/Jessica – I want Jessica to invite Josh out to the guest cabin with them. It was already suggested in the game, so why not? I imagine Josh would be kind of hesitant, because it means delaying his plans for the evening, but maybe he'd go along with it at first if it meant getting closer to the two most responsible for Hannah and Beth (relatively speaking). And Jessica may be covering up her insecurities, but maybe she's hoping that such a bold suggestion will make her look more in control. Or maybe she offers as a joke and Josh is so agreeable she can't take it back. Maybe Mike is secretly into it. Whatever it takes, all three of them make it to the cabin for a threesome.

It would solve so many problems! If Jessica wasn't outside in her underwear shouting, maybe the wendigo wouldn't have come after her. And there'd be no Saw trap, no going to the fire tower, no one in the mines or the sanatorium. The whole game has a sexy ending!

As for the threesome itself, I'd like if it started with all three not quite sure what to do or where to start. Maybe Josh has been with a guy before, but Mike hasn't. Maybe Jess has had a threesome and the boys need some coaxing. But like I said earlier, I love the idea of characters discovering their secret kinks. If Mike has never let himself consider touching another guy's dick before, maybe the first time blows his maiiiind. Maybe having the adoring attention of two hot guys is exactly what Jess needs to find her inner confidence. Maybe having their support is what Josh needs to give up on vengeance. 

I'm also open to replacing Mike and Jess with Chris and Ashely, or any other combination of characters as long as Josh is included (though I prefer m/f/m or m/m/m to m/f/f). "Josh didn't go through with it and instead got laid" as the game's secret Best Ending. 

Or, if you want to involve Josh in a threesome post-game with whoever is left, that's also great!

If writing a porny threesome isn't your bag, maybe the three of them get to the cabin, but they fail enough QTEs that they don't earn the sex, haha. If they have to fight off a wendigo together and bond that way, I'll still be satisfied. The most important thing to me here is that Josh backs off of his plan, whatever it takes. Even if some or all the characters end up dead, at least it won't be Josh's fault!

I have strong feelings about Josh redemption, apparently.

Muramasa: The Demon Blade

I love Muramasa, it's one of my favorite games. I'm a huge fan of Japanese lore and monsters, and fantastic creatures in general. I love the action and drama. I love the intrigue of warring ninja clans and the tragedy of impending death. My favorite of the DLCs is #3, Arashimaru's story, because it mixes the fast pace of the main stories with the knowledge that there's basically no way Arashimaru can survive. That thread of tension and the anticipation of a terrible fate is what made the story so compelling for me.

This is a tiny part of a tiny fandom, so I'll take ANYTHING that has Arashimaru in it, from any point in his story. Him training as a boy ninja. Him running for his life even though his life is already slated to end. Him reconciling with his brother, or not. As much as I enjoyed the first ending and thought it was fitting and complete, I'm a bigger fan of the True ending where he becomes Orochimaru. If he has to fight Mumyo out of his body and reclaim it, if Inaraki somehow rescues his soul, if he stops Mumyo long enough that Jiraiya can kill them both and finally end it...anything that features Arashimaru and his struggle as he tries to do the right thing while also staying himself. 

Arashimaru/Dengoro – The struggle between these two brothers is awesome. Poor Dengoro is so small, so righteous, and Arashimaru so lost and so driven at the same time. Their misunderstanding breaks my heart. I'd like Dengoro to eventually learn the truth and come after him, only to realize his brother's been taken over by a real monster. Or maybe he never realizes, and kills Orochi/Arashimaru together. They are bound for tragedy! I wouldn't mind some incest between them, either. Denogoro grows up very handsome, after all, while Arashimaru's body stays young. Having them "switch" roles as older/younger brother would be very interesting.

Arashimaru/Orochimaru – After the true end, they share a body, more or less. Lots of interesting ways this could be played on, especially if they're in a constant struggle for control. Mumyo was once his master, in a sense. There's got to be past crimes Mumyo could hold against him. I love any kind of power imbalance relationship, so feel free to go for it here if you're into it.

Other characters – As long as Arashimaru is the focus, I don't mind any of Muramasa's other characters making an appearance, even if it means fudging the timeline. He and Kisuke could clash over a target and have a rivalry/young romance. Momohime in her 2nd ending story could seek Orochimaru out to slay, thinking he's a terrible monster. He could run into Okoi while running from his clan, spend a night in Gonbe's village. I enjoyed all the little cameos in the DLC stories and I'm open to just about anything. 

Batman: Arkham Series
Bruce Wayne, Jason Todd

I honestly can't believe this made it into the tag set, but I don't care because I'm thrilled. As a Batman fan who grew up with the cartoon, loves the Burton movies, but can't connect with the Nolan films and has never read a Batman comic, the games combine the fantastical aspect that I grew up with while being dark enough for the adult me. Certain aspects of Arkham Knight I wasn't thrilled with (*shakes fist at Batmobile*) but overall I loved the drama of it, and when I was finished, I was overcome with a feeling of frustration. I turned to my sister and said, "What now? What do I do with all these Jason feels?" We watched Under the Red Hood but it only gave me more unsatisfied feels. I don't know if other versions of the cartoon deal with Jason, I don't know where to start. I am totally uninterested in diving into the decades of comic history to get his full story that way. I don't know enough about him or the batfamily in general to feel like I can be fannish about Jason in normal fandom spaces or read existing fic – what I know best is this game, but I assumed it'd be too connected to comics to make it into Yuletide, and otherwise, there's very little fic for this specific fandom subset.


One of my favorite moments of the game is after Bruce discovers Jason is still alive, and Alfred asks, "Is he all right?" and Bruce says, "No, he's not." He is really not okay, and neither is Bruce, in that moment. Both of them are lost, are not quite sure how to move forward, but they know they have to move forward. They're both characters who thrive on forward momentum, not only because there's shit to do, but because they can't allow themselves to stop, ever.

But my FAVORITE favorite moment, and maybe you've guessed already if you've read this entire long letter, is when Jason SHOOTS him. It's a very calculated move – Jason knows it won't kill him. It's a statement, an intimate statement. Not to mention the entire image of it hits all my id buttons; Batman, normally so strong, flat on his back – Jason looming over him, totally in control. The student overturning the master. I love it! 

Gen - In gen, I have to admit, what I want out of this is not Bruce and Jason making up or forgiving each other. What happened to Jason wasn't Bruce's fault, but Jason feels so betrayed and abandoned, and at the same time so guilty, I can see them maybe reaching some level of understanding but not reconciliation. I'd like to see something post game where the two of them try to come to terms with what's happened to them and what they have to become in order to continue moving forward. I haven't actually played the DLC yet so maybe that's covered already.... But Jason has been leading his own paramilitary unit, what happens once they're wiped out? Does Bruce go after him, now that he has some freedom in "death" to do so? I'd like to see them in a drag out fight, fist to fist, working out their frustration and grief through physicality. 

Honestly, I'd also be interested in a straight up fic version of the shooting scene I mentioned above. Maybe emphasizing how vulnerable Bruce was in that moment, whether or not he'd admit or accept it, how easily Jason could have killed him, and that nagging feeling at the back of his mind that he knows who's behind that mask but can't connect it yet.

Bruce/Jason - I'm also very open to shipfic for these two. I know there's a sizable age and power gap between them, but that's what makes it so interesting for me. I'd rather not have any underage between them, though. I'm totally okay with the idea that Jason adored or was outright infatuated with Bruce when he was young and in training, but I'd rather not think of Bruce perving on his underage trainees. Rather, I like Bruce thinking of Jason as his friend and brother, and being thrown once confronted with Jason as a man who's turned out so different than he'd intended. I like Jason desperate to avenge himself on Bruce while at the same time desperate to be acknowledged by him. And I really like the idea of both of them finding themselves in some kind of intense, sexually charged situation that they don't understand but can't deny.

If post game, maybe they meet up and fight it out, which turns into something else. If mid-game, maybe Bruce gets captured at some point and Jason takes advantage (before or after Bruce knows it's him). I'm sure "write the shooting scene as if it's a great shipping moment" sounds kind of weirrrrrd, but I'd be into it. I just really want these two fine physical specimens in varying degrees of vulnerability but fighting against themselves and each other. 

I'm not opposed to other characters being involved if need be, as long as the focus is Bruce and Jason.


Okay, that's all I can think of. Thank you for reading however much of it that you did! Like I said at the beginning, despite all the detail I've included here, I really do enjoy being surprised, and this is all in the hopes of providing inspiration rather than drawing out a map. I hope it's of some use to you. Happy writing! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

P.S. I tossed my letter up on Crueltide and Yuleporn, so feel free to tag when posting, if you like.
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