Jan. 18th, 2011

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I just finished Vanquish. Like, just now--the credits are still running. It was a Christmas gift and it was probably the most boring action game I've ever played. How can you yawn your way through a sequence where you have to powerslide across a suspended highway that's falling apart beneath you? I dunno, but I did. Yawn yawn yawn. Oh, and thanks Platinum, for the desperate attempt at relevancy with your "economic stimulus package" BS. That really brightened up the non-existant plot and puddle deep characters, thanks.

It's at this point where I stop to think about what a disappointment Platinum games has turned out to be. Bayonetta was a servicable action game but it felt so pointless, muddled, and desperate for attention. Madworld was great fun but repetative, eye-raping, and short. Vanquish is death-inducingly dull. Dunno about their other game but I'm not interested. I expected a lot more from them.

At this point I stop to wonder why I expected a lot more from them. Okami was fantastic, that much I could never question. But I wasn't a big fan of Viewtiful Joe (the little that I played) and I sold God Hand back right after I beat it. The only reason I was sad about Clover going under was, ultimately, that it meant Okami would never get a sequel (and...now it has one, though I'm sure it's nothing compared to the original). And knowing that Platinum couldn't make an Okami sequel, what was I really expecting from them? I'm not sure anymore.

I read they have a fifth game in the works to be published by Sega but my expectations are low. And that makes me sad.


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