Mar. 15th, 2011

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I am doing the laundry. This would not be an occurrence of note if not for the fact that I am terrified of my laundry basket. There's a huge metal wire sticking out of the bottom and I'm positive that if I let my guard down, it's going to spear me in my femoral artery and bleed me out within minutes. No seriously, I actually worry about this a lot.

Which means I should just stop using it, but I hate throwing my clothes in a sack :\

But in other, better news, I've cleared 10k on my i_rb! Now all it needs is...another 10k. Why so wordy, Croik?

And in other news I'd really love to contribute fanwork to [ profile] help_japan but I'm so behind on everything, I'd feel bad promising someone a fic at this point. But I would like to donate! Do any of you guys have an auction up?

And in the final news, the guy where I work that apparently likes me has decided that he can't ask me out because he's afraid the boss would find out and not approve of fraternization. Which is fine, I had the same thought, but maybe he should have told ME that, not everyone else I work with, after having spread the rumor around the shop for the past SIX MONTHS that he was going to ask me out. Without having ever spoken more than 10 words to me personally. So now I'm "taken" by a guy I don't even know or like and will never date, because he's "so nice" that none of the other guys would overstep and ask me out. And I can't even tell everyone "I don't like him, don't worry about that" because we DON'T SPEAK and it would be so uncalled for to be that kind of bitch over a guy that never got around to asking me out in the first place. Especially one who everyone says is SO NICE, OMG.

How can a man be dickless and a wiener at the same time!?

I don't think that made sense but I have a headcold, forgive me plz <3

BACK TO I_RB maybe I'll skip to the super gay porn just to stick it to the wieners that surround me.

EDIT: Just saw a commercial for Hanna, in which Cate Blanchett has short red hair. I was like "Oh shit got some Charla Banks up in here D:"


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