Nov. 22nd, 2011

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So I went and dropped one of my two Inception Big Bangs. I might have been able to get through them both in time if not for the Team Ico collection and Uncharted 3 and... tumblr. Fucking tumblr, lol. So I'm still doing the Cobb one, but the Eames one (as usual) wants to be a million freaking words, so I'm just going to finish that on the side, at a slower pace. Plus there are things I want to do in other fandoms, as well, so without that deadline it'll be easier to hop around a little.

In case anyone still reads this LJ (???) here's the fics on my "to do" list:

Big Bang #1 - Proceeding as planned.
Big Bang #2 - Still working on, but don't expect to see any for some time.
E/F pronz - Been trying to write this for months! As soon as I finish BB1 it'll be my reward.
Elephants - I have some of chapter 3 written. I'll probably cut it down from my original outline, but it will still be trippy and porny and hopefully an interesting fic.

Big Bang - oof yes I signed up. But really I don't have to start until January. It's gonna be Steve/Loki, maybe even...mpreg!? I know, this fandom doesn't need more mpreg, but I've never done it before, and at least with Loki it's possible unlike some canons. I really want to write Loki as this beast of a mother willing to slaughter anything in his path, no woobie preggers, no Alpha/Omega whatevs. Lots of fighting and angst.

Loki/Bucky - I have an idea that would easily fit into 4 or 5 parts, where Loki saves Bucky but Bucky mostly thinks he's the devil... Why not, right!?

Person of Interest
What I really want to write is epic deathfic, but I don't think I could handle being retconned every week, so THAT plan is on hold until the end of season one. Also had the idea to do a PoI/Heavy Rain crossover, but again, want to hold off on plotty stuff, at least until they cave and give us some Finch backstory.

There's been some really good PoI fic coming out already, but so much of it is Reese drawing Finch out, I'm itching to write something about how fucking damaged Reese is, without it coming off as woobie and melodramatic. How to do that, not sure yet.

There's probably more but that's all I can think of atm. Not sure yet if I'll ever do the Helix and Paradox sequels I planned, I'm not sure I'll have steam left in Inception by the time BBs are done, but we'll see. I still love these characters!

I've been spending more time on tumblr lately, since so many of my LJ buds have moved on, but I'm still here, will keep this journal for fics, etc. Maybe I'll do a gif dump of all my tumblr crap after the holiday.


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