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So on Saturday, I'm leaving town for a week to go camping with my family! We go every year with my dad's brothers and sisters (and their families), just like he's been going since he was a kid. Haven't missed a year since I was 4 months old :D

I'd go even MORE if only I could bring my internets with me :( But then I'd be one of THOSE campers. Kinda defeats the point of tenting it when you're checking your email.

Timing's unfortunate this year because CR just came back. Which WHOA, WERE YOU EXPECTING THAT!? Ugh I've got so much work to do. But that's why Kenji 2 is coming with me on the 4 hour car ride. Gotta actually beat the game refresh myself so I can start on the case write-ups. I was trying to update the character pages last night but I didn't know which names fit to which people, lol. Oh Kenji, I hope the new characters are more interesting than they look, because... eh. None of them have really caught my interest.

And if you're thinking that I mean "there aren't enough hot guys" that is only part of it thank you very much!

In other news, the Uncharted 3 beta ended and I am filled with sadness. I didn't even get to level 20! Why is it not yet November!? TIME, PASS MORE QUICKLY. Need this game, seriously.

Lastly, on a random but delightful note, I noticed Limbo on the PSN today. So getting it when I'm back. Creepiest freaking game ever, you should all own it and despair.

Annnnnnnd that's it. See you later!
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Fandom: Inception
Title: This Is The Job
Rating: PG (references to violence and injury but nothing graphic)
Word Count: 1,800
Summary: When Cobb gets injured on a job it's a wake-up call for Arthur, and Eames even more so. Written for TEAM ANGST in [ profile] ae_match
A/N: Many thanks to [ profile] knowmydark for her inspiring feedback <3

So don't tell me to calm down )
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Today, it's officially been one year since we brought Wesker home from the shelter! And how did he celebrate?


TK and I were walking him on our parent's property when the dumbest ground squirrel ever jumped out of its hole RIGHT in front of Wesker, leading to a heated chase! It happened so fast I only had enough time to think, "No way is he going to catch that--oh shit he got him AHHHHHHHHHHH drop it eeeeeeeeeeeee D8" And thankfully he dropped it right away when we told him to, but uhh... the squirrel did not run away. But when we came back later it was gone so... either it managed to limp off or the fox got it!? Or maybe the feral cats, or the hawks... Yeahhhhhhhh. Wesker got dental bones for his birthday after that.

We told our dad and he said GOOD BOY, he hates those things digging up the lawn, lol. Poor, dumb squirrel.

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WESKER, you make your namesake proud!!

And here's some more pics! )
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Here's another I did for the rare pair fest!

Fandom: Inception
Title: Today, I Set A Good Example
Words: 6,300 (oneshot)
Rating: PG-13ish
Pairings/Characters: Eames/Robert
Warnings: References to sex, eating disorder.
Disclaimer: These characters and setting do not belong to me and are being used without permission but for no profit
Summary: Post inception. Eames realizes that Robert has an eating disorder and does his best to support him through it. Based on this kink meme prompt.

All he had was a kiss )
[ profile] inception_bang is having a round 2!! I'm really excited since I missed round 1 and I have a TON of ideas for longfic. Ideas that someone will want to do with me, however... I've narrowed it down to three choices, two of which I've already talked about in here, one that would be *shock!* gen. HEISTFIC. Inception needs more Bone gen hesitfic, right!? Plenty of time before sign-ups start so I'll make up my mind before then, I'm sure. I'M SURE.

And then there's [ profile] xmenbigbang, which I just impulse-signed-up for, despite having said that I wasn't going to write any more X-men. I feel a little awkward about it because it's not for sheer love of the source material that I'm doing it. IN FACT IT IS THE OPPOSITE AND I CAN'T HOLD IT IN ANYMORE, IT'S TIME FOR A CROIK!RANT!!!!

If you are super in love with First Class and will be offended by me not liking it, better not to proceed )

Of course, it was after coming to terms with all that when I was struck by inspiration at work, and so now I'm planning to write a crossover, which is another thing I'm normally not keen on. Fuck my brain. It's the sort of thing people will look at and go, "Wait, what?" and then their friend who's already sped through the fic will go, "Don't worry, Charles doesn't get eaten," which in turn may cause anyone reading this to go, "Wait, what?" We just time traveled. Did you see it?

In other news I'm writing for [ profile] ae_angst and fighting the urge to post in 500 word increments, because that would be cheap of me, but that's how the game goes, isn't it??

And I'll leave you with this graphic I did for tumblr )
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I wasn't going to post post this, thinking I would absorb it into a future longfic, but then I realized, if I do go through with that, I can just write more Cobb/Robert sex! How crazy is that!

Fandom: Inception
Title: He Can Say It Next Time
Wordcount: 4,100 (oneshot)
Rating: NC-17
Pairings/Characters: Cobb/Robert
Warnings: Sex.
Disclaimer: These characters and setting do not belong to me and are being used without permission but for no profit
Summary: Written for the kink meme prompt: Slow, passionate sex between them. Cobb makes Robert come twice.
Notes: C&C welcome and appreciated.

Dom is The Boss for good reason )
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Title: Hearing Hoofbeats
Word count: 3,100
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Mild violence
Summary: When Eames hears that Arthur's been nabbed by Cobol, he immediately springs to his rescue. Written for [ profile] ae_match TEAM ANGST, may serve as a setup to a future fic (not A/E. CAN YOU GUESS?)

Bone is canon. DEAL WITH IT )
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Annnnnd fuck I hope this isn't just the first step in Wesker taking after his namesake D:
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This is not me jumping ship from Inception. This is something that popped into my head during a long 90 degree day at work and I had to get it out because, to be honest, I didn't especially care for this movie. Fucking brain, how do you work? I'm gonna have E/R to post this weekend srsly.

Title: So Really, Only One Thing Changed
Fandom: X-Men: First Class
Length: ~3,600 words
Rating/Pairings: PG-13 for tiiiiny bit of sexuality. Vague Charles/Moira. Charles/Erik if you Cobbsquint.
Warnings: Ableism
Summary: Post-movie, Charles struggles in the aftermath. Spoilers!
Notes: Probably the only X-Men fic you'll ever see from me. I've done my best to represent Charles' issues sensitively... My sincere apologies if I haven't. It's not beta'd and in a style I rarely do so all crit is welcome and I'll probably clean it up some before posting it to A03.

Let's just say I'm preparing for Team Angst )
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Damn, I really meant to have like a million things done before the fest started on Sunday, and I only managed one fic by last night! Still my list is a mile long and next up is E/R, woo! I'll probably just keep adding links to this post as I go.

Title: Untitled
Pairing: Cobb/Robert
Rating: NC-17
Length: 4,100 words complete, for now
Summary: Written for the kink meme: Slow, passionate sex between them. Cobb makes Robert come twice.
Notes: Untitled because I might cannibalize it for the OT3 fic I mentioned in this post, with a few changes.

Stuff I want to write for the fest but don't hold me to this because I dunno if I'll get to it all
-E/R ED fic for the kinkmeme
-C/E sweaty summer sex
-A/R mid-movie what-if
-Saito/Carpet (HOLD ME TO THIS ONE)
-Nash/OMC but I might not post it to the fest proper, it being an OC and all, might just show up here.
-E/M because I'm thinking of having Mal play a part in my Eames backstory fic and I might test the waters (I haven't written anything other than projection!Mal so I dunno if I can do her well)
-Prompts? Anyone got a prompt for me? There was one or two up already but I can't remember right now.

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give me this game right now i must have it please oh god why does time take so long to pass

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I beat Portal 2! I'm pretty sure I forgot to write in here that I even bought it, lol. BUT YES, PORTAL. I really enjoyed it, though some parts much more than others. Like the rest of the internet I love Wheatley <3 GLaDOS I loved in the beginning, but towards the end I got a little tired of her. Plus there was one important plot issue I wasn't so keen on.

And it is a spoiler )

So in the end it was a fun game, and I still have the multiplayer to get through.

I also finally watched The Experiment with Adrien Brody and Forest Whitaker! I had read a review saying it sucked, so I was pleasantly surprised that it did not. I wouldn't necessarily say it was great, but it's hard not to appreciate Adrien Brody's performance no matter what he's in. I think he should be like Travis all the time! He was just so RIPPED, and ragged, and easy-going, and vulnerable, and NUTS. With his shaved head and his whiskers and his tats it was just like Mmmmmmmmm. Prepare for gifs.


Dear Adrien Brody: Please don't lose your muscles.
Love: Croik.
Every time someone says "Inception fandom will be over by ______" they turn out to be wrong so I dunno what time frame we're really looking at here, BUT, I want to type something and I'm too sleepy to actually do real writing so instead I'm going to type about what I will write when I'm not sleepy.

And if you are so inclined, you can read about the fics you can expect from me in the future )

I'm also interested in the idea of doing a collaboration, since I missed the first Big Bang and my I_RB was more of a fill to a prompt than a collab--which is fine, I had a blast, but doing an honest to goodness collab sounds like fun! Anyone know if there's going to be another Big Bang? I get the feeling no, but I want to keep my ear open.

Okay I dunno if anyone read all that but if you did, thanks <3 Wish me luck!

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[ profile] forgerness is going to be hosting a Rare Pair Fest, in her journal, starting June 5th! OMG GUYS, IT'S GONNA BE AWESOME YOU HAD BETTER BE THERE!!!

Click for the poll/discussion post

But in case you're clickphobic, the long and the short is that:

1. Every pair/trio/moresome is okay except A/E. A/A is still considered rare enough to join in (A and E as part of an OT3 or moresome is okay too).
2. Fic, art, graphics, mixes, etc all welcome.
3. All ratings/subjects apply (I don't think it has to be porn only)
4. It's gonna be RAD



Are you gonna be there!? What are you gonna do!? I've got a Cobb/Fischer idea I might start ahead of time, and plan on prompting some glory hole action, someone get on that, rawrr!!

Do you suppose OCs count? Doesn't get much rarer than that, eh!?

Seeya there :D
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I like gifs. I like The Green Hornet. ~WITH YOUR POWERS COMBINED~

more under the cut )
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Yesterday I went to the Motor City Comic Con with my sis and her new ~male friend~ oooooohhhhh. Was gonna get an autograph from Betsy Russell but I forgot my DVD case and I didn't want to pay $30 for a signed picture of her busting out of a tanktop (SORRY, TOTALLY WOULD HAVE BEEN WORTH IT FOR COSTAS, THO, NOM NOM NOM). So instead I bought two Resident Evil shirts (one Umbrella Corps and one green herb that is going to be mistaken for pot) and saw some cosplay (there was an RE group including Hunk, some storm troopers of course, some Star Fleet, Rita from Power Rangers, and a tween dressed as Ciel in drag) And then while I was trying to buy Robo Geisha, Ichi The Killer, and the Gantz live action movie, I had an interesting exchange with the booth owner.

At first I thought he was just staring at my boobs, but then he asked, "You a Trigun fan?" and I realized, oh right, that's where the Trigun logo on my shirt is. So of course I said, "Oh yeah, I love Trigun," to which he replied, "How much?"

Which was like...uhhhhhhh what?? We started talking about the lately released movie and he showed me they had a bootleg. Then he gave me a discount on the movies I was already buying and gave me the movie for free! Haven't watched it yet so I dunno if it's a handcam or something (it didn't even have box art, lol) but I'll probably get a real version if it comes out here anyway. But still, it was rather unexpected! Gotta wear my Trigun shirt more often!?

After the con we went to see THOR. I enjoyed it (especially enjoyed the mancandy) and especially liked Loki, like the rest of LJ. Noms. But there was something about it that seemed a little... juvenile? Not like fart jokes but like the writers had no idea what to do with certain parts. And the ending pissed me off.


And speaking of juvenile afterwards TK and I came home and watched Green Hornet <3 It was actually pretty interesting to hear from Rogen and...the other writer, whoever that was, talk about how they wanted to make a hero movie that was all about insecurity and jealousy, traits normally reserved for villains (Loki??). Also appreciated how they recognized that in most hero movies the female characters are unimportant except to be saved and the romances are underdeveloped and unnecessary (Jane!?) and that's why they wanted heros that had no idea what to do if not for Lenore. Interesting to see the two movies back to back, that's for sure.
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We're back, with screenshots and canon interpretation! Are you ready for this!?

When we last left our hero (Eames) he was sobbing internally over unresolved familial turmoil. And by that I mean, I posted this gif:

So now, let's talk about LIMBO not that I have any invested interest in convincing anyone as to my theories on Eames and limbo, pfft

Again with the graphics, for they make points better than words )

Tomorrow I'll do something actually useful, seriously.
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Fandom: Inception
Title: The Helix Trap
Chapter: 19/19 (11,090 words - fic complete at 127,500 words) (For other parts, art and graphics, please check my My main post)
Rating: R
Pairings/Characters: Eames/Robert, Arthur/Ariadne, Cobb, Yusuf, Saito, Browning, and others.
Warnings: Violence, sexual content.
Disclaimer: These characters and setting do not belong to me and are being used without permission but for no profit
Summary: After the Inception proves successful, Eames tracks down Robert out of concern for its unusual side effects. Meanwhile, Arthur is hired to a dangerous job that forces the rest of the team to take sides: whether to defend Robert and his fragile mind, or ruin him completely.
Notes: C&C Welcome and appreciated. So many thanks and much love to my betas [ profile] chypie and [ profile] tanithkitty for sticking with me through this long fic!

Whoo, fanart! <3s forever to [ profile] crayon_fox for her charming Eames and Robert in the airport, and [ profile] icybluegem for her lovely promo pic! Thank you both so much!

In which we do it every day )


May. 5th, 2011 10:57 pm
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I went to tumblr thinking maybe I could find a good picture of Hoffman (because I'm considering making a Saw shirt to wear to next week's comic con where Betsy Russell is a guest DON'T JUDGE ME) and it wouldn't let me browse and so now

I've accidentally created a tumblr. what!? B:


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