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Okay so I still need to make an actual post about North and such but for now, I wrote this review of Gyakuten Kenji up for CR and I thought I might as well post it here too. These are just my personal impressions of the game.

No spoilers )
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Happy Birthday [ profile] silverwind9!!! Have some porn!!

Gyakuten Saiban / Ace Attorney, its characters and settings, belong to Capcom, and are being used here without permission or profit. Rated NC-17 for sexual content, abuse of the question mark, and Phoenix totally being on acid, seriously. I SAID I WOULD DO IT I DIDN'T SAY IT WOULD MAKE SENSE HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Also, not at all related to the RP, I mean really. NO REALLY.

The Gesture
Kristoph/Phoenix/Iris NSFW
Written for [ profile] silverwind9, by [ profile] croik

It started with a touch when they didn't know they were being watched. )
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I promised that if I didn't get my gyakuswap, I would write one of my prompts for myself, and so that's what I did. It's unedited and has no title and has no setup and is very vague, but I might go back and edit it when I'm in a less stinky mood, I dunno.

EDIT: Now that the swap is over I'm unlocking this. Whoever defaulted on me, you are stinky.

Apollo Justice fic, post 4-1, spoilers, general emoness ahoy. Has no title so for now I call ye

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Sharing this here because I know some of you are scared of CR XD

Over on the forum, our user Invertigo is helping out with some AJ rips, and he recently posted his rip of the most famous Perceive Sprite (you had better know which I mean!). It hasn't been edited, this is how it appears in the ROM. I had nothing to do with it, I'm just reposting the awesomeness.

Spoilers AJ 4-4 )
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I started my Apollo Justice cosplay!!

So far all I've done is cut out the fabric pieces. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I picked out the red but it must have been along the lines of "DERP" because it's this thick, swishy stuff that's not nearly stiff enough for a suit collar. Tips from cosplayers for reinforcing a suit lapel greatly appreciated! XD;;

If all goes well it should eventually look something like this:

I'm under the cut! )
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I started writing this originally for [ profile] silverwind9 but then I stopped and wrote her something else. But then I missed her birthday, so it's back to being for her again. Except it's also part of a series, so maybe it's more like...dedicated to Sil :9

Also, it's inexplicably emo. :I

ANYWAY, takes place sometime after Irrevocable but I'm not sure how long. I'm thinking of doing a series of 8, one for each year between GS3 and 4 (and one at the beginning). But I dunno if I'm that patient, so don't hold me to that!

Title: Irrefrangible
Author: Me! [ profile] croik
Pairing: Krisnix <3
Rating: PG, I guess? Whatever you'd give to naked yaoi snuggling without penis.

Yeah I know, Krisnix without sex. It's post-coital if that makes you feel better. )
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The other day I finally beat Assassin's Creed (PS3 version) and I have to it was pretty damn awesome. Whatever Yahtzee had to say about it, I thought the "faffing about" was just as fun as the assassinations, I never got bored of climbing viewpoints and stealth-killing drunks, and the Sci-Fi elements were a fun touch. I thoroughly enjoyed all of it, even though...I'm not so good at the actual assassinations. It took me like 3 kills in a row to fully grasp the concept that a throwing knife is not enough to take down your primary target.

They have thicker necks or something :( More thoughts under the cut )

I'm also going to be participating in the Countdown to Apollo Justice Playthrough. Since I've already played GS4 most of my blog-thoughts are probably going to center on Phoenix, and how his actions in the first trilogy relate to Hobohodo's in AJ: especially the negative aspects of Phoenix's character that a lot of people seem to gloss over when complaining about how different and "immoral" he becomes by GS4. It's been a long time since I played through the first game, and I'm really looking forward to it!

BUT MOST EXCITING, I HAVE [ profile] fandomsecrets...ABOUT ME!!! TWO OF THEM!! Well actually This one isn't about me, but that's my RP account used. I'm totally signing up over at [ profile] pwdressingroom as the seme-est Edgey that ever seme'd. But this one is such a thing of beauty I can't stop being tickled by it:

But it's got huge GS4 spoilers plastered all over it. If you don't want to click, the gist of it is someone admitting that not only do they ship Kristoph/Klavier Gavin (whom I and [ profile] gefrierpunkt play over at [ profile] gyakusai_rp), but THEY SHIP CROIK/GEF!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!!!

That's got to be some weird level of BNF when people start shipping you with other living people. SERIOUSLY. So much better than having hate threads about you. BTW the actual post is here.

(btw I'm really not trying to make Kristoph gay for his brother, really! 8D~~~)
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I would have liked to give you something as useful and awesome as you gave me, but I didn't want to send rainbow panties through the US mail 8D~~~~~ So instead have some porn <3

Title: Last December
For: [ profile] silverwind9
Pairing: Krisnix!! It would be rude to force my obsession on you and not provide, wouldn't it?? ;_;
Rating: NC-17, naturally.

I started out writing something sentimental and reflective, and then I realized...damn, this is for my Hobo! Needs more kink.

So now it shares a theme with Gef's. Can you tell? :D )
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I should make you some delicious mexican wedding cookies, but that might have to wait until after the holidays when I can steal my mom's recipe. In the meantime...PORN!!

Title: Backstage Booty
For: [ profile] gefrierpunkt Happy holidays! :D
Pairings: Klavier/Ema

Blame Sil for the title )
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] gefrierpunkt!!!

It's not much of a present because you already knew I was writing it, but...I made it longer and added a sprite edit, JUST FOR YOU <33~~~

Title: Half Empty, Half Full
Pairing: Varan/Yuumi <3
Summary: First part is about 20 years pre-game, second part a few days post game. SPOILERS for GS4.

aka Bunny Luv??? )


Sep. 1st, 2006 11:12 am
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Okay, so whenever there's a case of fanfic plagiarism (or other plagiarism) one of the first things the culprit usually says is "maybe I read the line, and INTERNALIZED it, and later repeated it without realzing!" My reaction to this is usually "NO WAI" but here's an embarrassing story:

Embarrassing writing story )

In other news, for some reason I joined a Drakengard forum full of retards.

No really, I know that's not PC, but some of them are as mentally challenged as Nowe himself )


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