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[ profile] ae_match is over and they announced the winner!

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Oh god, the Best Buy just called to let me know THERE ARE STILL 130 GIGS OF DATA LEFT ON MY BUSTED HARD DRIVE!!!! Now "which" 130 gigs, I have no idea. But there were only a few things that I was really stressed about losing, so if they're still there it'll be worth the $150 extra they plan to charge me.

'Cause you see, once I've written something, I feel like I've dumped it out of my brain, and it's really hard for me to rewrite. There were a few unfinished fics on my HD that I don't think I'll be able to do over if they're not among those 130 gig (my hardrive was full to at least 180 when it failed). But even more upsetting, there's some original fiction in there I'd be absolutely crushed to lose. It takes so much energy to do original stuff, after all... at least, for me. I was so thrilled to see it taking shape, the possibility of losing it is like a slap in the face. Like Enji telling me YOU'LL NEVER BE A REAL AUTHOR, CROIK! SEE HOW I EETED YOUR DATA!!!

I should have known naming him Enji was a bad idea. Fickle, fickle troublemaker. >O

I can't pick the computer up until tomorrow, but if I get it home and the writing is still in there I'm probably going to cry like a baby, because I'm lame like that ;_;

Oh, and:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] silverwind9!!!!!!

You have the same birthday as my Daddy :D


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