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Fuck. Saw the new GK2 updates and all I can say is fuck, I'm so....ugh. I can't stand it. Do Not Want, in caps. I'm sure everyone's excited but I can't even look, because it's just such a bad sign for the franchise, I mean seriously. If I talk to anyone who's excited about it now I'm gonna lose my nachos. I'm just so irritated I'm mostly incoherent right now, I went to bed mad at the entirety of the internet. Which is so stupid, I know, how can something so dumb make you so grumbly.

And that's it: I'm not pissed, really, I'm just a horrible grump of a grinch. Capcom...I am disappoint.

Gonna go update now. Pfft.
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So I finally got around to watching the Marvel vs Capcom 3 teaser which features RE5's rugged Chris Redfield sliding around on his tummy. This game is now relevant to my interests.

Anyone else? Got predictions/a wish list for the character roster? Well sure I do, thanks for asking!

1. Dante. Dante Dante Dante Dante Dante. And while we're at it where the hell is DMC5?

2. Apollo Justice. Why him and not Phoenix? Because Apollo needs more love. He can do anything Phoenix can PLUS he has crazy red pulsing Perceive eyes. You could even have him toss around some Psyche Locks as long as one of his victory quotes was "Thanks for the magatama, Phoenix!" A Klavier is fine too.

3. Amaterasu/Chibiterasu. Yami made it into TvC, but what about the heroine?

4. Battle Suit Jill or Wesker. Wesker makes sense because after RE5 he's out of the series, so give him one last hurrah. Jill makes sense because it's hot. All three might be RE-overkill.

5. Protoman. Fuck Megaman, Proto is where it's at!

6. Sanada Yukimura/Date Masamune from Sengoku Basara. They were already in a fighting game, it wouldn't be THAT hard to shuffle them in. Plus they have a new game coming out. Also, they hot.

That's all I got right now. What about you guys?

And on a completely different note, behold the progress of my Azalea!!

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If you're playing Metal Gear Online and you happen to run into a skinhead in green named "Bambi," that's me :D Be my friend plz.

But that's all I'm going to say about the game, because I'm afraid of spoiling, and I'm afraid people might respond and unintentionally gauge me as being further in the game than I am, and spoil me. And I don't want spoilings!

So, I'll just say I'm enjoying a lot :D. I've been compiling notes that I'll put up once I'm all finished.

In other news, I've been super busy! huge pics under cut )
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Cosplay report! All I have left is to get the bracelet from Sil, cook my cookie-badge, and do my hair :D (along with some ironing, poor vest is a little wrinkly,and pants need a fix on the hem....).

And I need to work on my posing :3a )


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