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If you're playing Metal Gear Online and you happen to run into a skinhead in green named "Bambi," that's me :D Be my friend plz.

But that's all I'm going to say about the game, because I'm afraid of spoiling, and I'm afraid people might respond and unintentionally gauge me as being further in the game than I am, and spoil me. And I don't want spoilings!

So, I'll just say I'm enjoying a lot :D. I've been compiling notes that I'll put up once I'm all finished.

In other news, I've been super busy! huge pics under cut )
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Cosplay report! All I have left is to get the bracelet from Sil, cook my cookie-badge, and do my hair :D (along with some ironing, poor vest is a little wrinkly,and pants need a fix on the hem....).

And I need to work on my posing :3a )
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Got some pics :D

And they're under the cut! )
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So despite much effort and changing of tensions and foots and threads and stich and etc, I could not for the life of me convince my sewing machine to do a straight line down Apollo's red fabric. See as the con is coming up, I decided there was nothing left but new fabric! So I did. It's cheap stuff but I'm running out of time here....!!! (and monies)

Speaking of monies, TK put a bid on one of the houses we were looking at :D IT WILL BE OURS!!!

Anyway, I stitched up the pants today, except I screwed up and there's something wrong with the crotch seam that gives me a rather unflattering fold :< At least it's not coming apart like Edgeworth's did, but I'll have some experimenting to do tomorrow. Are any of you knowledgeable in crotch seams!?

OH! BTW today was my birthday ^____^ TK is totally awesome and got me a PSP! I've wanted one for a while but I couldn't quite justify it to myself, with all the money I'm going to be spending on North and new house and everything. She got me Portable Ops Plus with it too, but since neither of us realized that Plus doesn't actually have the story mode in it, I gotta find the original! Until then I'm playing the Patapon demo over and over and over.


I've kind of thought about getting a mod kit that will let me play it on my TV, because I hate tiny screens, but I'm really hoping that Sony will just make the Remote Play option reversible (since as it is now, Remote Play is utterly useless). Not that Sony is the king of Good Ideas And Decisions, but oh well. I can dream until the warrenty runs out and then I'm taking a screwdriver to it!

Thanks for the birthday wishes, guys :D
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I started my Apollo Justice cosplay!!

So far all I've done is cut out the fabric pieces. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I picked out the red but it must have been along the lines of "DERP" because it's this thick, swishy stuff that's not nearly stiff enough for a suit collar. Tips from cosplayers for reinforcing a suit lapel greatly appreciated! XD;;

If all goes well it should eventually look something like this:

I'm under the cut! )
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I made it home alive :D

It was a 12 hour drive back from ConnectiCon, but TK and I made it back just fine. In fact, it was a lovely drive. This was the first real overnight road trip I've done without being dragged along by parents, and I think I enjoyed that as much as the con itself. I had a great time!

Despite being labeled a multi-genre convention, there was really more Anime stuff than anything else. Or really, there were more Akatsuki, Organization XIII, and Bleach Shinigami than anything else. There were a few random elves and some Storm Troopers, but nothing more than Acen usually sees. Though percentage-wise, there were a LOT more cat ears and furry tails running around (lots of really ratty, matted ones, too). But not as many fat guys in sailor suits....



Of course, I bought...just a PS3. No games. No PS2 card reader. So at the moment, it's a shiny shiny box on my shelf--I just wanted to be sure I got one before the price jumped again and the emulation went to suck. When Lair comes out next month, THEN it will be a fully realized PS3.

Or when I can find a card reader and transfer my Odin Sphere data over.


Anyway, that's all. This Friday I'm going to be at one of the Midnight Harry Potter parties (helping out, not waiting in line). I'll let you all know how that little delight goes :D
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I've been meaning to do this for a while, and thanks to TK, I finally did!

Croik's 5 minute cosplay of Masaka Sakai! - spoilers for 4-1 )
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Oh Anime Central. Your Anniversary year, and you FUCK UP SO HORRIBLY!! WTF ACEN STAFF!?

So I got back at Acen, and I have to say, this was probably the most disappointing year that I've been there. Which is a shame, 'cause I was really proud of our cosplay this year. There were very few setbacks in that department (nothing like Edgeworth's crotch seem falling apart, at least!). Walking the convention was fun. But everything else was kind of a mess, and I hardly bought anything. TK and I are even considering switching conventions, if we can find another one that's feisible, distance and cost wise...

Until then, my con report:

At least the hotel was nice )


May. 8th, 2006 05:32 pm
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I'm back :D

Acen was a blast! A little disappointing in a few areas, but that's what happens when you build up for a convention, right? But I loved cosplaying this year--so much more comfortable than Boss's suit last year.

So here's my mini con report )
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So yesterday was my birthday and it was great :D. TK took me out for dinner (Outback alfredo, omg I love you~~~) and we did some shopping. I got the vest and shirt I needed for my cosplay, though I kind of look like a waiter wearing them. When we got home TK surprised me with a birthday cake, yay! Very tasty.

She also got me Resident Evil 4 (PS2), now that I'm the last person left who hasn't played it XD;;. Leon's fiiiiiiine. Even when he's getting raped by zombies (or, Spanish people) at least he looks supah fine. I'm right at the part where the boobs show up, and so far my death count is 6! 1 by choke slam while I was still getting used to the controls, 2 by boulder, and 3 by chainsaw.

I suck pretty bad at this game XD;;

Meanwhile, I'm still working on Acen cosplay. I'm going as Miles Edgeworth from Phoenix Wright, and Wander from Shadow of the Colossus (Anyone gonna be there?). And my Edgeworth suit is going to be ENTIRELY HAND MADE. I lost to The Pants in round 1 of Croik vs Cosplay, but I made the jacket pockets my bitch. Croik vs Lapel is going into overtime.


I'll update with pictures once I have more done.

((P.S. Leon being hacked by chainsaw? Still fine.))


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