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Oh my god it's finally over ;_;

Yup, still hate Godot )

Closing thoughts for the countdown )

So ends the countdown. Though I might do a post for each of the AJ cases, once it's out and I've gotten the bulk up my updates done.

[ profile] silverwind9 - this countdown idea was genius, and it's thanks to you <3333 You're awesome <333333

It also made me realize I need more AA icons, stat!!
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For the record, I still like "Magnificent Turnabout" better as a title B:

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Bahhhhh. Without a doubt, my least favorite case.

WTF does quaggy mean anyway? )
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I think the countdown is finally starting to get to me. While playing 3-3 today I was suddenly like, "GodDAMNIT more Phoenix Wright...!!!" But...I'm almost there...!

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Hm, haven't played this since T&T came out. I like this case a lot better when it's rushed.

Because it doesn't prolong Phoenix's dorkiness )

3-2 is tomorrow. I love Ronnie <333 (despite his unfortunate localized name)
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2-4 ^________________^

Where Edgeworth gets his seme on )

Meanwhile, an update on my computer:

I'm currently writing this post from my own computer, with the original hard drive intact! In the end my dad and I were able to replace the capacitor on the motherboard for the low cost of $3. My harddrive is fine, and all my data has been recovered - rather, it was on the original HD all along and was fine. Didn't stop Best Buy from charging me out the ass, of course, but I'm just glad Enji made it through. He's a tough little bastard and I love him <3333

I'll be taking much better care of him from now on :D
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This is one of those cases I'm rather biased on, but I'll try not to be B:

But someone has to like it! )
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Still no computer. The data the Geeks were able to save is safe, but I had to bring in my backup, since otherwise they were going to burn DVDs (130 gigs worth, lol). But the bad news is my harddrive wasn't the problem after all, it was a capaciter (capacitor?) on the motherboard, which is the sort of thing Geek Squad doesn't fix. All the guy could do was tell me to get a new motherboard, but at that point I might as well get a new computer entirely.

My dad says we might be able to replace the capaciter oursevles, and we're going to try, because otherwise we have to get me a new computer anyway. Goodbye, monies~

Except, I'm too stubborn not to keep doing this )

I also beat DMC4 this morning! But that deserves a lot of squeeing and I'm too sleepy for it right now. Later :D

One more thing I thought of after going to bed )
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I got it done early this time :D


Though I should also mention that I'm going to be spending the next week at my parents'. TK's going off for a while, so when my mom heard I'd be in our crazy apartment alone she invited me to stay over (can't be too careful with Theodore Vanderworth around >.>). But this time I'm bringing my computer, so I should still be around regularly.
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I decided I might as well write up my thoughts for the first half now, and then edit-add the rest of them after tomorrow. Be advised that this is taking a monumental effort on my part, because I'm not really fond of this case, and I have DMC4 in my posession (made of pure Blue Ray Sex), and yet I'm still here writing...!! I must not back down from my commitment!

What the hell is that wriggling piece of...Gant??? )

BTW, Dante is fucking hot and Nero wrapped his legs around him. Rawrrrr. >:3
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As much as I enjoyed playing PW for the first time, I don't think it was until 1-4 that I was really convinced of how great it was. I love 1-4 <333

My thoughts. Let me show you them )
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Believe it or not I finished the case today, despite hardware woes. But I'll try to keep my thoughts brief because my fingers may or may not be about to explode.

Turnabout Samurai )
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So, 1-2. I...don't really like this case :\

Thoughts on 1-2 )

Yes I'm an hour late, but I was babysitting cousins, and that cut severely into my game time! >:I
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I signed up to participate in the Apollo Justice Countdown - replaying the first three Ace Attorney games in order, one case per day, until the release. And to blog about it! So for a while my journal's gonna be full of these things.

The First Turnabout - thoughts )


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