Feb. 9th, 2009 11:50 pm
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Time to talk about gaming, yo.

Final Fantasy XII spoilers )

Warriors Orochi Z )

RE5 demo again )


Now that all that is out of the way, I'm finally going to start Disgaea! Wish me luck~

EDIT: Headset get!! Actually I forgot I had one all along: I got an official Capcom bluetooth in Vegas. Thanks Capcom!
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We were all level 79 and it took 32 stages, but I beat him at last...! I can't say for sure how long I spent fighting him, but when I booted up my save file for the first time in over a year I was at 180 hours, and I ended at 192. That includes the time I spent leaving Ridorana to replenish my items and hunting around Nabudis for the ether-seller, and even a trip to the Henne Mines, so not all of those twelve hours were spent in battle, but damn. This is where I hear my brother's voice saying "Sarah, you gotta get out more."

Which is a CSI quote, and that's why he's calling me Sarah and not by my actual name.

Some more details for those FFXII-familiar )

Now that I'm a member of the Order of Ambrosia it's time to start all over again! Yayyyyyy!!!
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The holidays have been over for a whilen now but it only just occured to me that I haven't posted anything about them. So here's the skinny:

Christmas was fun! Spent it with family, got some great gifts, including a snap-on keyboard for my PS3 controller, Disgaea for DS (yes this will be my first time playing it, please leave you "HEATHEN" comments below), Disney's Robin Hood on DVD (oh, my childhood!) and a new toilet for the upstairs bathroom!

After that my brother stayed over at the new house with TK and I for a while, and then we went with our parnets sto Califorina for my cousin's wedding. She looked amazing and it was a wonderful ceremony/reception. Not my first time in San Francisco, but the last time I was there it was for Yaoi Con (DON'T JUDGE ME) so I didn't exactly see much of the city. This time, we did a lot of touristy sight-seeing including cable cars and Ghiradelli chocoloate and such.

Now I'm back home and waiting for my new work schedule~

Up until last night I was also working on beating Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2, on loan from my brother. And you must know what that means...!


Now that I've finished FFTA2 I really want to go back and replay FFXII, but I still haven't decided yet if I should finish off my old file by beating Yiazmat first. Seems like a shame not to, with that file so close to 100%... I know if I replay, I'm not going to put the same amount of obsessive mark-hunting effort into it again when I know I've already done it (I am especially not fighting Omega again!! 8U) Maybe I'll do some warm up fighting and then Yiazmat and then start a story file over...

lol, rpgs

Jan. 21st, 2007 07:45 pm
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From last spring until November I didn't really play anything but action games and Phoenix Wright, and now I've got three RPG games going. Crazy O_o.

In FFXIII I've just passed the 160 hour mark, making it...probably the longest running single file I've had for an RPG (or any game). All that's left for the final Clan Ranking is filling out half a dozen common monsters (I got all 80 rare - anyone know where the damn Wild Snakes are??), Omega (FUCKER), and Yiazmat. My guys are all at level 75 but I'm gonna wait until at least 80 before going back into that goddamn Crystal. Stupid Omega ;_;

In FFIII I'm getting ready to go to the Crystal Tower at the end. I've got a Dragoon, Devout, Ninja, Summoner team (I haven't decided yet if I'm gonna bust the Summoner to Sage, the Summoner class is kinda boring and limited). Honestly, I haven't really enjoyed the game all that much. It's...pretty tedious, really. The best part of it is the artwork in the player guide. I might sell it back when I'm done.

I'm also several hours into Shadow Hearts, the first one, on loan from a friend. But...ugh, it's not much better than FFIII. The Judgement Ring keeps me from falling asleep while playing but that's about it. It's not god awful, but I can't think of anything positive to say. If it doesn't pick up by the time the cravat dude shows up, I'll probably give it back.

On a final note...I've got the pre-order site on watch, but if I don't nab a spot in line for the Limited Edition GS4 Super Box Set, every one of those "I'm getting it just for the sake of having it" fannies had better lay low come April 12th. Theft via internet just might be possible by then...!!! >O
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An unexpected personal accomplishment started my year, in the form of Newtype Magazine's Jan. 2007 issue, page 129. At the end of an article on Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney: Justice For All, there is a small box that reads:

"Still haven't had enough "Objection!" and "Take that!" action after this game? Then have a look at, a suprb Phoenix Wright fansite that includes walkthroughs, story timelines, character stats, and all manner of fan generated content [fan fiction, fan art, fan videos, etc.] What is Phoenix's height, anyway? And how does Franziska get away with using her whip in a court of law?"

Court Records is the fansite I've been running off my personal page, which will officially be one year old come the 27th of this month. In that short time I've gone through hundreds of updates and somehow attracted over 800 members to the forum. And now, I've been emailed by Capcom's official forums, and even got a shout out in a printed magazine! Not bad, huh? :D

Meanwhile, still chugging along on FFXII. My characters are at level 63 and I have over 120 hours logged so far. Just beat the Hell Wyrm last night after an epic 2 and a half hour battle! All I have left is a dozen or so rare monsters for my beastiary, finishing exploring the map, The Seer, and the most intimidating challenge since 1 million roses: Yiazmat, of the 50 MILLION HP. More than six times the amount Hell Wyrm had. That'll have to be an all day event. Ugh, gotta level up first.

I've been trying to get through FFIII as well, but I have to say, it's...really boring. I knew it would be a cheesy little game with no story and poor mechanics when I bought it, but even the job class system is letting me down. But that's a subject for a different post.
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I beat FFXII last night :D (84 hours, and I'm still planning to go back for the rest of the hunts).

Final thoughts? I loved it. There were a few things that kept it from being TOTALLY MIND-BLOWING GAMING EXPERIENCE, OMG!!!! But overall it was better than I expected (given my luck with Square games lately) and I thoroughly enjoyed every bit it. Balthier was my clear favorite early on, but I also really liked Larsa and Gabranth (aka Wiegraf 2.0) and by the end just about everyone had grown on me. I can't think of a single character I disliked (unlike the last couple FF's - Zell, Quina, Eiko, Lulu etc etc).

One shot from the credits even choked me up. Can you guess which!? (Need artbook ASAP).

So in short, the game looks fantastic, the music was great, the voice acting was some of the best I've heard in a video game, the liscence board was addictive, the gambit system was great once I got the hang of it, and the story kept me going up through the end. The various FFTactics and Vagrant Story references made it even better.

Is it the best FF I've ever played? HARD TO SAY. Now that I can't bear to look at FFVII and my interest in FFIX fizzled soon after I beat it, I think it definately earns a place as best "numbered" FF game. But Tactics has been my favorite game ever for a long time, and even now that I've had it for nearly 10 years it's still the game I replay most often. I started a new file of it just this past summer getting ready for the return of Ivalice. If I pick it up for another 80 hour run sometime several months from now, then I'll know.

But of course, I still have some issues with it XD

One complaint and a few irks - spoilers )

And now I'm playing Vagrant Story again! With my old save it's my 7th time time through, and it took my just over 3 hours to get to the halfway point of the game. I'll beat it tomorrow. Oh Ashley, how I missed you and your assless pants!

I've wanted to do an Ivalice crossover fic for the longest time - maybe it'll happen this time, if I think of anything (not until One of Every Color is finished and up, I promise!). But I think if I put Delita, Guildenstern, and Balthier in the same place I'd explode from successive cranial orgasms.

But damn, I'd die happy.
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When FFXII was first announced, I couldn't be more excited for it. Not only was it a new FF game AWAY from the emo hair fest that is Nomura, but it was being made by the team that crafted two of my favorite games of all time (FFT and Vagrant Story). Even when they announced the new battle system I was skeptical but still curious.

And then it got delayed a dozen times or so, and I forgot about it, and stopped caring for a while.

And then it actually came out, and suddenly all I kept hearing was either how AWESOME or how BLASPHEMOUS it was. So I got it :D

Cut, but no spoilers )

Anyone else on my F-list have it? :D


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