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So I finally got around to watching the Marvel vs Capcom 3 teaser which features RE5's rugged Chris Redfield sliding around on his tummy. This game is now relevant to my interests.

Anyone else? Got predictions/a wish list for the character roster? Well sure I do, thanks for asking!

1. Dante. Dante Dante Dante Dante Dante. And while we're at it where the hell is DMC5?

2. Apollo Justice. Why him and not Phoenix? Because Apollo needs more love. He can do anything Phoenix can PLUS he has crazy red pulsing Perceive eyes. You could even have him toss around some Psyche Locks as long as one of his victory quotes was "Thanks for the magatama, Phoenix!" A Klavier is fine too.

3. Amaterasu/Chibiterasu. Yami made it into TvC, but what about the heroine?

4. Battle Suit Jill or Wesker. Wesker makes sense because after RE5 he's out of the series, so give him one last hurrah. Jill makes sense because it's hot. All three might be RE-overkill.

5. Protoman. Fuck Megaman, Proto is where it's at!

6. Sanada Yukimura/Date Masamune from Sengoku Basara. They were already in a fighting game, it wouldn't be THAT hard to shuffle them in. Plus they have a new game coming out. Also, they hot.

That's all I got right now. What about you guys?

And on a completely different note, behold the progress of my Azalea!!

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The best part about working for Gamestop is without a doubt the game access >:3

I've been able to play a bunch of games lately that I wouldn't be able to otherwise over the last few weeks. And now I wanna talk about them!

Saw the game - yes I did play it pffft )

BlazBlue )

Muramasa: The Demon Blade )

Uncharted )

And that's it! But just in case it sounds like I've done nothing but game for the last four weeks, let me tell you my friend got me a temp job this week where I literally did nothing but photocopy documents for 9 HOURS STRAIGHT on Tuesday. That's with one bathroom break and one for snacks. I don't know how the copy machine didn't explode, but she and I are friends now (I named her "Alice"). My friend--the human one--is now trying to convince her boss that I should be hired as a part time assistant on a more permanent basis, which would be cool so long as there's no more photocopying. Wish me luck~

(btw I didn't *have* to stay for 9 hours straight, that was a result of my own stubbornness, so the lady's not a slavedriver or anything).

Long story short, that's why I haven't updated any of my fics lately lol
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This weekend I sat down and played Silent Hill 2 from start to finish all at once, beating it for the first time ever. I've actually owned it for years, but always got stuck at the apartment building (yup, that early on). So this time TK was my walkthrough buddy. Which may have killed the experience a little (that and not playing it alone, at night, with all the lights out and headphones on - as the walkthrough would have suggested), as in the end I didn't find it as scary as I was hoping to. But it wasn't bad.

More thoughts about a game everyone else played years ago, whoops )

I also played the Dissidia demo, and I have to say I wasn't terribly impressed with that either. It seemed like I spent most of every fight just trying to close the distance between me and my enemy. The number of different attacks you can do seem really limited as well. Has anyone played the Japanese version? Is it really worth it? Because after all this time the only characters in the game I can bring myself to give a shit about are Zidane, Terra, Kefka, and Gabranth, so if fanservice is all the game has to offer I'll probably skip it.
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I was going to say something about Nintendo Revolution's new controller, but then I found a ytmnd that expressed my thoughts perfectly.

Warning - Not work safe language.

What's the point of having a controller if you have to buy all sorts of attachments just to play certain games?

In other news, MGS4 looks fucking sweet. I hate that they put these trailers out years before the game is ready, just to make me roll around in anticipatory anguish. I guess as long as it doesn't take as long as Final Fantasy XII is taking (GODDAMNIT SQUARE) I'll manage.

But I swear, if one more fanboy asks "WY IS SNAEK SO OLDE!?!?! IZ IT FOXDYE!?!?" I'm going to launch my own tactical nuclear missles at the [ profile] metal_gear comm. Because that's what I've learned from Metal Gear. How to make nuclear missles.

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