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Oh hey look, someone left a livejournal here!

Guess I better post this fic I wrote.

Title: Be My Lady
Pairing: Kristoph/Kazura
Rating: PG (for now)
Summary: Four mini fics featuring four highlights of the relationship between Kristoph and Kazura over an 18 year period. Has big spoilers for Gyakuten Kenji / AAI. I tried to experiment a little with my narrator voice, hope it doesn't suck, lol!

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Okay so I still need to make an actual post about North and such but for now, I wrote this review of Gyakuten Kenji up for CR and I thought I might as well post it here too. These are just my personal impressions of the game.

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Most people on my FList have been talking about the new Edgeworth game, so I figure I might as well put in a few words!

I'm looking forward to the game a lot, but at the same time I'm a little worried about it. On the positive side, Edgeworth and Gumshoe are awesome. I have no problem with them changing up the gameplay, because that's really what spin offs are for, and it could be fun. And Edgeworth's little running animation is so fabulously adorable <3

It also has the added bonus of appeasing a lot of the anti-AJ fans (at least, I hope so). People miss Edgeworth, and with his own side game, maybe that'll keep them from pushing for him to show up in GS5. I certainly wouldn't mind if he WAS in GS5, but I don't want Capcom to shoehorn him in without a really good reason, so if GK satisfies that, maybe it means GS5 won't have to worry about accomodating Edgeworth as fanservice.

Or, maybe GK will tie in to GS5 and GIVE Edgeworth an excuse to show up there, which would be just as cool.

But on the other hand, I worry about their choice of setting. Setting GK during the first game might just as well indicate they're making no effort to tie it to AJ's canon at all, and that it's just a throwaway money-maker. Like my brother pointed out to me, slipping in an extra chapter within the middle of a game means that Edgeworth doesn't have much room to develop at all - if he doesn't start and end as kind of an ass, they're ret-conning his personality from game 1, and if he does, is it really worth it? 1-5 already did its damnedest to make Edgweorth out to be a victim more than a determined but ultimately unethical prosecutor, and already it's looking like GK will continue to make Edgeworth out to be the hero.

On the official website, the quote along the side reads, "A proscutor is someone who gets a guilty verdict. But I don't think that's all there is to it." Call me crazy, but that second part is very obviously NOT the attitude Edgeworth had before 1-4. True the game takes place at a time where Phoenix is starting to break down that ideology, but if anything important happens in these cases that helps Edgeworth become a better person, that's like...spitting on Phoenix. AGAIN.


Also, I don't think that profile pic is Kris and I don't want it to be Kris. >8(

In short I'm still looking forward to GS5 more than I am GyakuKen.


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