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I promised update :D

So Friday night was the big Harry Potter day. I promise I won't post any spoilers here, I know there are still people getting through the book. I haven't actually read it, but I've been following the fandom wank. Boy is it glorious XD

Anyway, here's how it went - no spoilers )

But I have one more thing for you guys! In the midst of skimming the HP wank, I came across...this. This monstrosity. This brilliantly deviant and disgusting offering:

A Snape/Hermione Fan Made Music video.

It doesn't use any footage from the 5th movie, if you're worried about spoilers. Other than that, you HAVE to watch it. It's so horrifically pedo in the worst way (short of...being actual pedo, since it's all just movie footage). And yet, as a video maker, I'm totally beyond amused and even begrudgingly impressed by how...convincing it is. I was laughing myself silly watching it. It's horrific, and it had me in stiches. If you're avoiding spoilers but still want some HP hiliarity, I highly recommend it.
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I saw Harry Potter GOF last weekend and it only occured to me to comment now because I found this:

Huhuhuhuhuhuh OMG he looks scary.

But if you actually care what I thought about the movie, click here! )
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Dear God this has been such a hilarious weekend! Spooge to the left! To the right! The ships are sinking, the fanbrats are squealing, and it is glorious! Glorious, I tell you! I keep running back to F_W during work breaks to see what new madness is spreading.

So far, my favorite is this (non spoiler):

"When she [JKR] saw that there were readers out there who were in love with the idea of [insert pairing here], instead of going ahead and being honest with the readers she willfully mislead shippers by writing in clues for [pairing]..."


Oooh oh ohhohoh and let's not forget this:

"I claim that it is truly unfortunate that the god of our world turned her back on us...turned her back on real love, but such is life."


"But I have a problem in that I can't support ships that don't have a reasonable possibility/probability in canon."

...from the SLASH SHIPPER.

OMG I'm not going to sleep at all tonight, I'll just be at F_W all night, laughing my ass off. FANDOM I LOVE YOU!!!!

P.S: I'm not making fun of the book. [ profile] tanithkitty assures me it's good. I just LOVE the fandom melodrama.


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