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When we first moved in we took a peek around the yard, but couldn't be sure of just what flowers the previous owners had planted. Now that it's spring things are starting to really come alive!

And I have pics! )

We've done a ton of other work on the yard but it won't be much to look at until things start blooming. Quilting, gardening... all I need to do is start drinking coffee and I'll become my mother!
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Okay the place is still a mess, but here are the pictures I promised! Welcome to Croik's pic-tour :D

lotsa graphicses )

Thanks everyone for your support and well wishes through our long house hunt :D
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This is my first post from my new house with TK!! In fact, this is going to be our first night here (despite my bed frame not having made phase 1 of the move - we gotta go back to the apartment tomorrow to pick up the TV and other such stuff). It's a sty now so no pictures yet, but soon! Now that we have internet, hot water, and a working laundry, we're just a refridgerator short of being all set, but hopefully we'll be getting that tomorrow.

Next up...doggie! But uh, probably not for a while XD;;;

Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!!

omg gonna be sore tomorrow...
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For any Ace Attorney fans lurking on my Flist but not yet a member, [ profile] gyakusai_rp has had a lot of drops lately and is really eager for new players. We're going into a long-running Global Studios themed event that will end in a murder mystery, with as many characters as possible being involved. So if you've ever had interest in the RP or have never heard of it but still want to be part of our push through to Kenji, come over and Check it out!.

In other news, I painted my bedroom at the new house today 8D~~~ Will have before and after pictures soon!
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Today I sat back and watched as my sister finished the closing for her first house!! (Which I will be living in too 8D). For those keeping score, this was the fifth house we've put an offer on since April, and finally we've hit paydirt! It's an adorable little house in a nice neighborhood that backs up to a nature preserve. :D

This weekend were going to do some cleaning and maybe some painting, and if everything goes well, we'll be completely moved in within the next two weeks! VERY EXCITING DESU~~

So if you don't see me around as much, or if I disappear completely for a day or two, it's becuase I'm packing and/or getting internet changed over.

Wish us luck :D~~~~
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Been a while since I posted, so I figured I might as well say some stuff!

House front is still fucked. I think I must have killed a poor innocent house in a former life. Or maybe it's because I declared to not watch House anymore and then went back on my word. In any case, I am not lodged in a house as of yet. It's a good thing my priorities are unhealthily skewed towards gaming and internet, or else it would be really getting to me by now!!

Speaking of gaming, right now I've been working on Warriors Orochi 2. It doesn't have the same charm that WO1 had, but I feel like I've been more efficient about unlocking items and thingies, and the new characters are a great addition.

For the record I am not happy about Samurai Warriors 3 being announced for the Wii, and I hope Koei smartens up! ONLY THE SUPERIOR POWER OF THE PS3 CAN HANDLE ENOUGH FACELESS PEONS TO QUENCH MY THIRST FOR DEAD SAMURAI BLOOD!!! Also I have no Wii and have no plans to change this, despite the temptation of Oboro Muramasa Yotoden. Vanilliaware whyyyyyyyyyyy ;_;

However, the last laugh shall be mine, when I butcher a Muramasa level on Little Big Planet. DARE ME!!!!

(Actually I'm more interested in making a killer Gantz level with a giant Buddha. That would be so rock)

Anyone else getting LBP? I have literally no friends on my PS3 account. Come make beautiful alien Buddha with me plz :U

But the most interesting thing I've been up to is reading James Clavell's Shogun for the first time.

I know, I'm so wrong for not reading this sooner )

So that's what I've been up to :D I've also been watching Chuck, Heroes, and House (why!?) but I'll save those thoughts for another post.
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Why is it that fandom is the only place in the world where "That man slept with a woman, therefore, he's totally gay" is acceptable logic?

This isn't a new development or anything, but I still boggle.


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