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Hello fellow fan! Thanks for checking out my letter :D. I've been doing Yuletide and other exchanges for years but this is my first time with this particular challenge. Since these pairings are so rare I'm not picky at all, and I enjoy being surprised. I'm going to include some prompts but please feel free to make it your own.

Likes: Always happy to receive porn! In general I like darker stuff, so rough sex, angry sex, dub-con or non-con are all good. I like pairings that are complicated and a little messy. I like darkfic and sadfic, but I do also like comedy, especially if there's an edge to it. Action and violence is good, at any level. Big fan of characters falling for people or enjoying things they never thought they would. Above all else, what's important to me is the spirit of the canon.

Dislikes: Fluff and crack. Alternate Universe, the only exception being Steampunk.  Not a huge fan of 1st or 2nd person fics.

And if it so happens that we matched on Tanaka and you're looking at this like " D: " please know I'm totally cool with gentle snuggles for those two, or some high school misadventure, or whatever canon-styles mishaps Tanaka and Ohta can get into.

The Evil Within
Joseph/Ruvik, Leslie/Ruvik, Administrator/Sebastian

I'd love anything with any of these four pairings. I love all the horror aspects of TEW, so something in STEM is very welcome, but pre or post game is great too. I really like the idea of Ruvik/Admin drawing out the secret fears or desires of whoever they're with. Anything sexy or gory is very welcome. I'd especially like fic or art that depicts one party clearly in control of the other, even if it's not the one you'd expect. Some prompts:

-Ruvik taunting Joseph in the time where he's separated from Seb, playing on his dark fears and desires. I wrote a lot about them when I requested this for Yuletide last year, if you're interested, here.

-An earlier experiment with Ruvik and Leslie, when Ruvik realizes that they're compatible. Or maybe some kind of power struggle post-game as Ruvik tries to maintain control over Leslie's body. I know Leslie in pairing fic can be tricky, so don't take him anywhere you're not comfortable.

-Some kind of fight between Seb and Admin would be awesome. Either Seb encountering the wraith version of him in the STEM, or a post-game abduction situation. Those hands are an awful lot like tentacles, no??

I didn't include Seb/Ruvik just because I've written soooooooo much with them I thought it would be weird to get matched for it.  But I absolutely love the pair and wouldn't mind flavors of it within a fic, especially with Joseph.

Dark Souls 3
Lothric/Lorian, Lothric/Kamui, Orbeck/Leonhard

I'm super into the tragic aspects of Dark Souls, which is pretty apparent in the two brothers. I think they're just gorgeous and their devotion to each other even more so. Anything depicting their co-dependency and "fuck everyone else" attitude is awesome. Maybe as Lorian is first accepting his brother's curse?

I was also very interested in Black Hand Kamui, protecting his master's final resting place even though Lothric has already abandoned his duties and the world is coming to an end. We don't know much about him but I'm all about that helpless loyalty.  He stayed while Gotthard fled, so there must be a reason.

I think threesomes aren't necessarily encouraged in this challenge, but Lothric/Lorian/Kamui is my jam. Maybe Kamui ships it hardcore and likes to spy on the brothers?

As for Orbeck and Leonhard, I just think they're both hot, lol. And Leonhard wields powerful sorceries in his own right, likely being well trained as a member of the nobility, so it's not like he and Orbeck would have nothing in common. Leonhard taunting Orbeck over his past, Orbeck getting the upper hand on him somehow, unmasking him, one of them using Rapport on the other - all great wizardy fun.

Alfred/Bloody Crow of Cainhurst, Alfred/Gilbert, Laurence/Brador, Micolash/Edgar

The two things I love most about Bloodborne are the lore and the fashion *_*. I love all kinds of speculation on how Yharnam was during the beginning of the church/the scourge, how everything slowly fell apart, how the people living there dealt with (or didn't) their home gradually descending into the state it is now. Anything that depicts or explores these characters in their tragic glory is very welcome. And especially if there's some emphasis on their clothes. Some prompts:

-Why do we fight the Cainhurst Crow in Yharnam? Maybe he came back to the church ward looking to complete unfinished business? To avenge his queen, to smite the last Executioner for good?

-Gilbert gives you the firesprayer. Maybe it was Alfred that gave it to him? Alfred is the one Yharnamite who seems very hospitable to outsiders, so maybe Gilbert found a friend in him.

-One of the big speculations is that Brador was the one who killed Laurence and now wears his horns. Would love to see how that goes down, or maybe Laurence and Brador at a time before the beast scourge basically ruined everything.

-We find Edgar in the Mensis Nightmare, so was he there still spying for the church, or had he converted? It takes a certain level of mad to want to stay with Micolash while the world is ending.

Rafe/Cutter, Rafe/Harry, Rafe/Nate

During Uncharted, I didn't care much for Rafe at first. It wasn't until the very end when he got blown up and was wounded, messed up, and a little mad, when I really appreciated him. I would love to see him paired with one of the franchise's guys, especially if it's him in a tousled, vulnerable position, but still defiant like he is in that last fight. Pushy, power bottom Rafe would be amaaaazing. Liiiike:

-Rafe and Nate hunting for the treasure in Scotland, their personalities clashing.

-Rafe and either Cutter or Harry working together to get the same artifact, using totally different skill sets and getting in each other's way.

-Alternately, Harry trying to steal from Rafe and finding out why that's a bad (or amazing?) idea.

Tanaka is Always Listless

Oh these two. Ohta is so devoted to Tanaka, it almost doesn't make sense unless he's in love with him. Honestly I'm kind of head-canoning that if Tanaka isn't suffering some kind of chemical imbalance, he's playing up his laziness just so that Ohta will take care of him more. And Ohta likes taking care of him because it means they're together more, and also he feels depended on and he likes that. Anything with Ohta's devotion to Tanaka is welcome.

Though to be honest, what I reallllllly want is somnophilia. It's kind of begging for it, especially if it's what Tanaka secretly wants (because he can't be bothered to initiate). So Ohta fondling Tanaka while he sleeps is A+. But that's pretty rapey, so if instead they're both awake but pretending to be asleep, but encouraging each other....? Some kind of lazy sex between them would be awesome.

And that's it! Thank you for being my partner, I can't wait to see what you come up with :D


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