[ profile] inception_bang is having a round 2!! I'm really excited since I missed round 1 and I have a TON of ideas for longfic. Ideas that someone will want to do with me, however... I've narrowed it down to three choices, two of which I've already talked about in here, one that would be *shock!* gen. HEISTFIC. Inception needs more Bone gen hesitfic, right!? Plenty of time before sign-ups start so I'll make up my mind before then, I'm sure. I'M SURE.

And then there's [ profile] xmenbigbang, which I just impulse-signed-up for, despite having said that I wasn't going to write any more X-men. I feel a little awkward about it because it's not for sheer love of the source material that I'm doing it. IN FACT IT IS THE OPPOSITE AND I CAN'T HOLD IT IN ANYMORE, IT'S TIME FOR A CROIK!RANT!!!!

If you are super in love with First Class and will be offended by me not liking it, better not to proceed )

Of course, it was after coming to terms with all that when I was struck by inspiration at work, and so now I'm planning to write a crossover, which is another thing I'm normally not keen on. Fuck my brain. It's the sort of thing people will look at and go, "Wait, what?" and then their friend who's already sped through the fic will go, "Don't worry, Charles doesn't get eaten," which in turn may cause anyone reading this to go, "Wait, what?" We just time traveled. Did you see it?

In other news I'm writing for [ profile] ae_angst and fighting the urge to post in 500 word increments, because that would be cheap of me, but that's how the game goes, isn't it??

And I'll leave you with this graphic I did for tumblr )
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Omg, Green Hornet. OH MY GOD, GREEN HORNET!!!

Someone on my Flist say you have seen it. I'm still not sure of what I just watched, except that I spent the entire time laughing my ass off or squealing or maybe swearing a few times. I'm usually not a Seth Rogen girl but he was such a little asshole, for some reason I loved the dumb goober. And Kato was like, omg, orgasmic. Please to be casting him in every movie from now on, kthnx.

It was all just so bizarre and stupid and damn entertaining. To speak nothing of the BLATANT HOMOEROTIC SUBTEXT. And not even in that "Eames kicks Arthur's chair, darling," kind of way, I mean in the Britt bends Kato over the foosball table and Kato punches him in the balls to get him off kind of way. JFC people. I took my BROTHER and my MALE FRIEND to this movie!

And once TK and I got home I had this horrible thought, that what I really watched was one 90 minute "gay is gross and that's why we're inviting you to laugh at it" joke. And ugh I really don't like that thought. I'd kind of like to find an interview where it's addressed...?

Ok one of you has to have seen it. What did you think??

lol i eet u

Feb. 9th, 2007 09:58 pm
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So I went to see Hannibal Rising tonight. I'd just watched Silence of the Lambs a few nights ago, and I have to say, I found the idea of a young, smoking-hot Lecter very appealing. Love that dimple, baby. What's not to love about a cannibal, anyway?

My non-spoiler reaction to the movie is that it was okay, but there were a lot of things conspiring against it to make it...not okay. I was satisfied leaving the theatre but not thrilled. Despite the commercial hype it didn't strike me as terribly gorey (am I desensitized?). Not as bad as some of the horror that's come out lately, for sure. Half-visible cannibalism isn't quite as bad as blind cave men chewing out throats, or rusty barbed wire rape, I'm sorry to say.

For a man that's supposed to be pure evil, I was expecting a little more creativity, and less sympathy, really. Still better than Hannibal, though. Oh, and Gaspard is totally hot. I'd cannibalize him, if you know what I mean. >3

And now for spoilers )


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