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I'm gonna do another longer entry later, but for now here's an MP3 update.

Thanks to lovely people I was able to find most of the MP3s I asked for last time. So I've udpated my mp3 list and posted it on my homepage for easy access. I've got some more now so take a peek and see if there's anything you want.

And if you see any of the new ones on my Looking For list, please let me know!
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Bit torrent is great and all for downloading, but I've discovered lately that it's not so good for getting anything more than a few weeks old :/ No seeds! I've been organizing my MP3s after the scary hard drive wipe, and I thought...hey, a lot of these songs are pretty old. They're probably hard to come by. So why not offer them up?

Behind the cut is a list of my anime and video game MP3s. If you see something you like, comment and I'll send it to ya :D.

Yes, many of them I actually own )

And, if you don't mind taking a peek, here are some of the MP3s missing from my collection--some recent anime especially. If you happen to have any of them, please let me know!

Help! I have a craving for Jpop! )

Share the love, yo :D <33
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I figured I'd offer a few song recs, 'cause that's like, popular or some shit. I listen to weird stuff so I figure some of these songs most people wouldn't have heard of unless they're in a certain fandom. The first three are somewhat similar in style so if you like one, you might like the others. (sent through yousendit)

Tsuneo Imahori - "Clue". From the Gungrave soundtrack. It's a real song with words and shit, I promise :P. Kind of drifty, like Trigun music always is. I'm pretty fond of it.

Yoko Kanno - "Heaven's Not Enough". From the Wolf's Rain soundtrack. I don't know who sings it. But I like the lyrics of this one, it's really pretty.

Stairsailor - "Way to Fall". Most of the peeps on my flist probably have this song already, but it kind of fits in the style of these other two, and...I like it. And that's what song recs are for XP

Kamelot - "Wander". Completely different. 80s rock (though this isn't one of their more rockish songs). Come on, 80s rock with mythology references is awesome!!

The Servant - "Cells". For anyone, like me, who was wondering where the song from the Sin City trailers came from that never made it to the soundtrack.

Z.O.E.2 - "Beyond the Bounds". I'm not sure how to describe this one. It's Engrish mixed with some other language I have no hope of identifying. But I'm pretty sure it's not jibberish. Very up beat.

And one more HBP quote, 'cause I'm not over it yet )


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