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At 4pm today I finished my first complete original story since...uh, sixth grade!? From dinosaur people to psuedo-samurai, I have come a long way!

Final word count: appx 192,000 over 41 chapters. Holy shit it is time to edit. And, um, come up with a title >.>

But first, more cheescake <3



Mar. 13th, 2009 09:58 pm
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Today I wrote a sex scene that I know my mom is eventually going to read >.>

And maybe my dad <.<

And possibly my brother O.O

This is an issue I haven't encountered writing fanfiction. =3=

150,000 words and counting :D
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So at around 77 hours I finished Disgaea. This was about 15 hours after I decided once and for all that I Do Not Like This Game (for those of you who may have been wondering after my last post). Endless grinding + power of friendship plot = not going to be picking up the sequels so sorry.

I'm glad I got to play it (as a gift no less!) because I've been curious for a long time, and people have told me YOU HAVE TO PLAY IT, so now I have. The End~

Also I got one of the bad endings but not the super bad ending, just the very generic bad ending where nothing gets explained and everyone just looks like a dick. I think there should be a law against such endings. Someone needs to let RPG makers know that when you're doing multiple endings, the "basic" ending (the one you're bound to get if you just play through casually without checking cheat sheets and what have you) should at least be a decent ending. When I end a game with a crappy ending my first thought isn't usually "Oh MAN I had better play this game again and get a better one!" it's "What a crappy ending that was."

I don't play games so that I can be punished for not reading the guidebook every step of the way. *cough*ValkyrieProfile*cough* At least give me something satisfying so that I can pretend I might want to play your game again.

Unless you're Drakengard, where the best ending IS the crappiest ending, in which case, fuck you >:U

In other news, I also watched Watchmen and liked it (as someone who read the comic years ago but has no particular feelings about it). But since everyone else on my Flist is already talking about it, I'll just say here that my favorite was Dan and the soundtrack was dumb. The end~

And lastly, I'm at 135,000 words on my original writing and I've vowed to be finished by my next birthday, April 13th 2009. If I break my goal you can all spank me.
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I've been doing a lot of original writing lately, so I thought I might as well post a little progress report, just to show I'm keeping up with it as much as I said I would...!

As of this afternoon, I've written 17 chapters of my yet-untitled original novel, with an average of 5,000 words per chapter, for a total of 85,000. Judging by where I am in my timeline (some ways short of the half way point) I'm estimating that it's going to end up in the range of 200,000 words, which Google tells me is longer than it has any business being as genre-fiction from a first time author. About 80k longer, which much I've written already...?

Guess I'll need a good editor 8T

It seems a little weird to me, because according to my NaruMitsu fic One of Every Color was 80,000 words, which counts as a novel, but as a fic I never felt it was a fully developed story (since it depends on previous canon rather than being self contained). Even longer than that was my Guilty Gear fic Culmination at 105k. Remembering those and thinking that my original is going to be twice their size feels natural to me, because those fics would have to be even longer to accomodate their canon. But I guess as a stand alone novel 200k is beefier than it ought to be. I'm not going to worry about that until it's done though.

In any case, I've been enjoying working on it. Sometimes I worry that not enough is going on, because they haven't gotten to any intense samurai warfare quite yet. Right now character development and promises of mysteries to come are what's propelling it forward. Which is pretty much the same for Well Frogs, and I'm still getting nice reviews for that, so I guess I just have to trust that I'm not boring XD;;

Speaking of WF, I haven't given up on that. They're right in the middle of court! Since I finished 3 chapters of my original just this week and feel really good about the progress I've made, I'm going to give my fic some lovin' this weekend.
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I've been making mostly fandom posts lately, so I thought maybe I'd update about what's going on in CROIK'S REAL LIFE OMG D:

I just finished writing out my checks to the IRS. OUCH. Bye, monies~~~ I'm still doing okay, but it sucks having to dish out that much cash at once. I made more this year than last, but that means Sam takes a bigger bite! At least this time I printed out some pre-vouchers that I can pay off through the year, so it won't be a big ass check come tax time 2009.

I know there are peeps on my Flist who are interested in self employment, so if you want to hear some actual numbers, I'd be willing to share them privately.

But the much more exciting news is... TK and I are buying a house!! :D



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