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This'll be my last post about RE5 for a while, seriously. But I finally started playing online and Mercenaries so now I can talk about them!

I've played with a couple different people now with various skill levels, none of which have been all that bad really, and a few that were a lot better than me. Sometimes it's weird not having more control over your partner like you do Sheva AI, and I feel guilty sometimes about slowing people down when I stop to look for treasures and emblems, but it's also been a lot of fun. I wish more people used mics. I've only gotten to talk to one of my partners and he didn't have much to say (though it helped a little with fighting the boss).

And then there's mercenaries, which is a total blast. Thanks to one helpful dude I was able to unlock all the stages and characters save one in one night (I got her this morning). When you're in the middle of the game fighting unending hordes of zombies it's stressful but when you're fighting against the clock with plenty of ammo and nowhere to run anyway it's a whole lot of fun!

The best part was when aforementioned Dude and I did a few levels together as Chris and Wesker. My inner dork took over and I was totally into it: he was clearly better than me, and I kept thinking, "C'mon Chris, you gotta prove yourself to Wesker!" And of course all of Wesker's battle taunts are obnoxious, so every time I saved him he just laughed, which only made me more determined to wreak havoc. It must have been pretty good motivation because we got an S rank that round.

Kind of a silly thing to enjoy as much as I did, but hey, it's going down as one of my happy gaming memories. Makes me want to write fic where Chris and Wesker are forced to fight together but 2 seconds of thought later it's obvious how impossible it would be to make it work.

Still don't know when the extra DLC is being released, but I probably won't get it. Mercenaries is enough for me. What they really ought to do is start releasing extra mercenary characters, like, say...Leon? C'mooooon Capcom, you know you wanna!
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I beat Resident Evil 4 tonight :D

The final boss was a pushover, I don't know why everyone was telling me to up my shotgun capacity like my life depended on it. I also decided I don't really like Ada all that much, but then I never played RE2, so maybe that would have helped. But anyway here are my crappy ending statistics XD

Hit accuracy: 63%
Enemies killeD: 879
Times Killed: 36
Clear time: 20:50:14

To be fair, half those death's are Ashley's fault >P

And Leon's still fine. >:3

Oh, and Nintendo Wii? WTF? XDDDD
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This is a weekend of horror!! No coochie is safe!!!

Case in point - Silent Hill Movie (spoilers) )

Meanwhile, I'm still stumbling through RE4... )

In other news, I didn't get an egg poacher for my birthday. So I went out and bought one myself! I'm gonna make eggs tomorrow :D
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So yesterday was my birthday and it was great :D. TK took me out for dinner (Outback alfredo, omg I love you~~~) and we did some shopping. I got the vest and shirt I needed for my cosplay, though I kind of look like a waiter wearing them. When we got home TK surprised me with a birthday cake, yay! Very tasty.

She also got me Resident Evil 4 (PS2), now that I'm the last person left who hasn't played it XD;;. Leon's fiiiiiiine. Even when he's getting raped by zombies (or, Spanish people) at least he looks supah fine. I'm right at the part where the boobs show up, and so far my death count is 6! 1 by choke slam while I was still getting used to the controls, 2 by boulder, and 3 by chainsaw.

I suck pretty bad at this game XD;;

Meanwhile, I'm still working on Acen cosplay. I'm going as Miles Edgeworth from Phoenix Wright, and Wander from Shadow of the Colossus (Anyone gonna be there?). And my Edgeworth suit is going to be ENTIRELY HAND MADE. I lost to The Pants in round 1 of Croik vs Cosplay, but I made the jacket pockets my bitch. Croik vs Lapel is going into overtime.


I'll update with pictures once I have more done.

((P.S. Leon being hacked by chainsaw? Still fine.))


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