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Yesterday I went to the Motor City Comic Con with my sis and her new ~male friend~ oooooohhhhh. Was gonna get an autograph from Betsy Russell but I forgot my DVD case and I didn't want to pay $30 for a signed picture of her busting out of a tanktop (SORRY, TOTALLY WOULD HAVE BEEN WORTH IT FOR COSTAS, THO, NOM NOM NOM). So instead I bought two Resident Evil shirts (one Umbrella Corps and one green herb that is going to be mistaken for pot) and saw some cosplay (there was an RE group including Hunk, some storm troopers of course, some Star Fleet, Rita from Power Rangers, and a tween dressed as Ciel in drag) And then while I was trying to buy Robo Geisha, Ichi The Killer, and the Gantz live action movie, I had an interesting exchange with the booth owner.

At first I thought he was just staring at my boobs, but then he asked, "You a Trigun fan?" and I realized, oh right, that's where the Trigun logo on my shirt is. So of course I said, "Oh yeah, I love Trigun," to which he replied, "How much?"

Which was like...uhhhhhhh what?? We started talking about the lately released movie and he showed me they had a bootleg. Then he gave me a discount on the movies I was already buying and gave me the movie for free! Haven't watched it yet so I dunno if it's a handcam or something (it didn't even have box art, lol) but I'll probably get a real version if it comes out here anyway. But still, it was rather unexpected! Gotta wear my Trigun shirt more often!?

After the con we went to see THOR. I enjoyed it (especially enjoyed the mancandy) and especially liked Loki, like the rest of LJ. Noms. But there was something about it that seemed a little... juvenile? Not like fart jokes but like the writers had no idea what to do with certain parts. And the ending pissed me off.


And speaking of juvenile afterwards TK and I came home and watched Green Hornet <3 It was actually pretty interesting to hear from Rogen and...the other writer, whoever that was, talk about how they wanted to make a hero movie that was all about insecurity and jealousy, traits normally reserved for villains (Loki??). Also appreciated how they recognized that in most hero movies the female characters are unimportant except to be saved and the romances are underdeveloped and unnecessary (Jane!?) and that's why they wanted heros that had no idea what to do if not for Lenore. Interesting to see the two movies back to back, that's for sure.


May. 5th, 2011 10:57 pm
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I went to tumblr thinking maybe I could find a good picture of Hoffman (because I'm considering making a Saw shirt to wear to next week's comic con where Betsy Russell is a guest DON'T JUDGE ME) and it wouldn't let me browse and so now

I've accidentally created a tumblr. what!? B:
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Have you ever spent your entire work day plagued with the irrational fear that at any moment one of your coworkers will reveal themselves to be a mind reader??

Croik's New Years Resolution = make more time to write fic, to get all this kinky shit out of my brain. Also, lose 20 pounds.

Does anyone have an mp3 of the haircut music from Mulan? (Disney?) I can find it on youtube but I want it on my computer.

For Xmas I bought myself a new computer and a new desk to put it on. I have named it Zazi, for it is a beast of epicness (i7 processor, 8 gig ram, 1TB harddrive, Radeon graphics card). TK pointed out to me afterwards that it is not the most reliable of names, as it's likely now to be full of BUGS. Well, fuck. Too late, I gave him an icon and everything.

The unthinkable has happened: I have posted on a kinkmeme. Anonymously. You'll never find it.

...Until I de-anon and post it here, upon final completion.

Over Xmas Wesker hung out with our uncle's grumpy Cocker Spaniel. He was a little over excited about the whole affair but behaved himself well, and even started dropping his toys in front of Grumpster as if to say, "LOOK HOW MUCH FUN THIS IS!!!" We were so proud of him, but today on a walk an off-leash Boston Terrier came racing at him, and he was in far less of a playful mood. Must develop socialization further.

I am locked in combat with fans of Saw 3D at House of Jigsaw. My only recourse is to write graphic Hoffman/Gibson dubcon. None of you know what that means.

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The best part about working for Gamestop is without a doubt the game access >:3

I've been able to play a bunch of games lately that I wouldn't be able to otherwise over the last few weeks. And now I wanna talk about them!

Saw the game - yes I did play it pffft )

BlazBlue )

Muramasa: The Demon Blade )

Uncharted )

And that's it! But just in case it sounds like I've done nothing but game for the last four weeks, let me tell you my friend got me a temp job this week where I literally did nothing but photocopy documents for 9 HOURS STRAIGHT on Tuesday. That's with one bathroom break and one for snacks. I don't know how the copy machine didn't explode, but she and I are friends now (I named her "Alice"). My friend--the human one--is now trying to convince her boss that I should be hired as a part time assistant on a more permanent basis, which would be cool so long as there's no more photocopying. Wish me luck~

(btw I didn't *have* to stay for 9 hours straight, that was a result of my own stubbornness, so the lady's not a slavedriver or anything).

Long story short, that's why I haven't updated any of my fics lately lol


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