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Whoaaaaaaaa did you see Top Chef? Can't believe it! That shit was bananas! She was like...whoa. WHOA. Meltdown! (trying not to spoil since I'm posting minutes after the ep). Top Chef All Stars is NOT PLAYING.

Also, hey guys, it's APATOSAURUS, NOT BRONTOSAURUS. Jeez you're in a musuem, get it right! *shakes head in shame*

Also also, Dale reminds me of a big gay Tom Hardy who cooks delicious food. I don't know why this is. Cannot unsee. And no I'm not posting comparison pics because then you'll see how little they look like each other.
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Oh man, Top Chef all-stars! I've watched every season (season 1 only in reruns, unfortunately) and I'm really excited to see everyone back. So much lulz to be had already. Especially Elia and Fabio lecturing about chefs behaving with maturity followed by "DUN CRITTERSIZE MEEEE!!" aha aha aha!

Seriously guys, I said it then and I'll say it now: maturity is not slamming another chef's dish to the diners when he's in the other room. It's not accusing him of cheating without proof. It's not threatening to beat him when he moves something you left out. And it's not shaving heads!! Chrissake.

It's not hiding in the back room because you're afraid of critique either, OOOH SNAP, CRY MOAR.

So hell yeah, Team Marcel. I don't care if he's obnoxious, he's got Woverine hair. Alas, I am torn, because I'm also rooting for Richard, Carla, Dale (season 3), and Tiffani (season 1).

God I hope the season winners all come back to taunt them. How awesome would that be??
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So I guess I don't post on my own LJ about TV much, but...seriously, what the FUCK is Heroes doing!?

They managed not to make Sylar into a total waste of time this season, and then they do another ridiculous "flashback" episode which was a complete waste of time and just added a few scenes into canon which had no business being there. That's why they didn't happen at the time. Because they're LAME.

UGGGGHHHHHH spoilers )


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