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It's been a while, so...time for a Croik Update! In list form!

The Good

-I've been making Frisbees Flying Sports Discs for 90 days now, so today I got to fill out papers for health insurance! And I get dental and vision, too! SCORE

-I got my brother a job at the plant too, so for the next few weeks he's living with me and TK to save up money. I now have access to his Wii and the single Wii game that interests me. I also made a Lt. Carter Blake Mii when he wasn't looking.

-I got Super Street Fighter IV!

-[ profile] gyakusai_rp is fighting strong and the disbarment is only two days away! It's pretty ridiculous how much fun the anticipation is.

The Bad

-My worst work-related fear was realized the other day, but it didn't happen to me: a co-worker of mine accidentally tripped his machine while his hand was still under the stamping iron. He was lucky not to break any fingers, but they took him to the hospital with second degree burns! I wasn't there to see it or anything but it's really freaky. Poor guy :(

-I am terribly behind updating CR >.>;; And writing, and the quilt I'm working on, and cosplay (though I did get the fabric!). Blah too many projects. Need more time.

-I suck at Super Street Fighter IV!

-Kinda want to advertise [ profile] courtroomlobby, kinda scared of it becoming DR-ish. You people reading my LJ, check it out! (psst it's an open RP comm for AA)

-Ong Bak 2 was an extreme disappointment.

The Wave

I actually finished this a while ago but it took time to get my room together and clean enough to take a proper picture.

Which is just behind the cut! )
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I finally got let go from Gamestop. Technically I haven't had hours since December, but it wasn't until last week that my boss finally took me out of the system. At least I got to milk the discounts up through God of War!

So I continue to work at the frisbee flying disc plant. I've grazed the flat irons a few times, but it wasn't until last Friday that I actually burned myself. Not seriously or anything, but I wonder if it'll leave a scar!? I guess it's my initiation into the business, along with my official company hoodie.


I'm also still translating the worst yaoi porn not in a kink meme )

In other news, I finished Heavy Rain (a few times) and God of War III (just once). But I'll post about that another time.
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The best part about working for Gamestop is without a doubt the game access >:3

I've been able to play a bunch of games lately that I wouldn't be able to otherwise over the last few weeks. And now I wanna talk about them!

Saw the game - yes I did play it pffft )

BlazBlue )

Muramasa: The Demon Blade )

Uncharted )

And that's it! But just in case it sounds like I've done nothing but game for the last four weeks, let me tell you my friend got me a temp job this week where I literally did nothing but photocopy documents for 9 HOURS STRAIGHT on Tuesday. That's with one bathroom break and one for snacks. I don't know how the copy machine didn't explode, but she and I are friends now (I named her "Alice"). My friend--the human one--is now trying to convince her boss that I should be hired as a part time assistant on a more permanent basis, which would be cool so long as there's no more photocopying. Wish me luck~

(btw I didn't *have* to stay for 9 hours straight, that was a result of my own stubbornness, so the lady's not a slavedriver or anything).

Long story short, that's why I haven't updated any of my fics lately lol
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Because the publishing scene has been so sucky lately, I had to get myself a "real" job. But in order to hold down a job I needed a way to get to it, so my parents found me this adorable silver PT Cruiser off Cragislist! Isn't it cute!? My folks are so awesome I love them so much <3333

Some of you may remember that I didn't get my driver's liscence until two years ago, so this is my first time having a car of my own. It's weird to go from working at home for 5 years and then suddenly driving myself to a job every other day. Of course for most people reading this, that is nothing special. BUT IT'S NEW FOR ME OKAY!?

And speaking of the job, I'm working part time at Gamestop. I've heard from others who've done it and didn't like it, but I've had a great experience so far. All the guys I work with are really cool and have been helping me out a lot. Even when I almost broke the printer >.> That printer is my nemesis, I swear.

In other news, I've been working on a new writing project while I continue to push the one I finished last April. It's a dark, Sleepy Hollow-ish old American horror story (but with less Johnny Depp - sad, I know). I'm hoping to keep it much shorter than my last story so it's more appealing to a publisher. Wish me luck~

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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I've been making mostly fandom posts lately, so I thought maybe I'd update about what's going on in CROIK'S REAL LIFE OMG D:

I just finished writing out my checks to the IRS. OUCH. Bye, monies~~~ I'm still doing okay, but it sucks having to dish out that much cash at once. I made more this year than last, but that means Sam takes a bigger bite! At least this time I printed out some pre-vouchers that I can pay off through the year, so it won't be a big ass check come tax time 2009.

I know there are peeps on my Flist who are interested in self employment, so if you want to hear some actual numbers, I'd be willing to share them privately.

But the much more exciting news is... TK and I are buying a house!! :D

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Man, it feels like I haven't been around my own journal in a while! Just been so busy with other stuff. What, you say!?


That's right, I've fallen head first into the glorious wackiness that is gay lawyers Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. If you are in possession of a DS and a sense of humor there's no excuse for not having it. I have already professed my love for the series with a four part NokoMitsu fic, two RP journals, and even a damn fansite.

But seriously, it's so....refreshing to be in a fandom of awesome people with just right amount of fangirl silliness and respect for characterization. Our RP ROCKS. We're right in the middle of our first trial and it's sooooo much fun! (Except that my character is now in prison suspected of murder Q_Q) IF ANY OF YOU GUYS ARE READING THIS I LOVE YOU~~~~!!

*ahem* Moving on, I haven't given a work update lately. Several of my books are out now (Embracing Love 2, Kizuna 4 and 5, Cage in the Finder...) and Play Boy Blues is coming out this week! Here's the skinny )

Okay I think that's it for me!
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Is anyone here by chance familiar with the yaoi "Gaten na Aitsu"? Or "Play Boy Blues" by the same author? Are Yuusaku and Taizou brothers!? I can't for the life of me figure it out. Step brothers!? Half brothers!? Not related at all!?!?

Because if they are, that's really...the most boring incest ever. Seriously, guys. You could at least angst it up some.
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Today I received my complimentary copy of Embracing Love vol. 1 (aka "Haru wo Daiteita"). It looks like there might have been a few little changes to my translation (editorial things), but over all it looks like they kept everything intact. I was surprised, but happy, to find they'd even put back some of the honorifics I was at first asked to take out (IWAKI-SAAAAAAAAAN!). I've haven't read through the whole thing yet, but I'm glad it came out well. I had a lot of fun working on it.

So if you're looking for a yaoi manga that's pretty cheesy but over all an amusing read (with lots of wholly unedited sex scenes! =O) let me reccommend Embracing Love to you. You'll even get to see my secret identity reveiled in the credits on the first page!

(On the other hand, I just finished a book that I have the urge to rant about, with bitterness and at great length, but I think I'll hold back until later, and see if that feeling susbsides, so as to not subject anyone to it :P)
This is going to be a weird post 'cause there's too different things on my mind, and I haven't been able to update for a while, so I'll just put both of them here :P.

First, I'd like to tell a little story. A semi adult story about a manga. It pisses me off so be warned, it might piss you off, too.

So there's this manga... )

GAH! All right, now that that's out of my system, on to a completely different topic.

Some random talk about Samurai )

Okay, I'm done for now. It's good to be back! *cling*


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