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AO3 Name: Croik
Atomic Blonde
The Evil Within
The Wolf (song)

Hello Writer! Thank you for being my Santa this year :D. I've been doing Yuletide for years and years now, I love my small fandoms and I'm stoked to get something for any of them.   I'm going to leave a lot of details and prompts below if you need them, but to be honest I'm just as happy being surprised.  Please feel free to use whatever inspires you, and have some fun with it.

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AO3 Name: Croik
Samurai Warriors
The Evil Within
Until Dawn
Muramasa: The Demon Blade
Batman: Arkham series (video games)

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Thanks for being my Santa! I hope I haven't made your life difficult with my choices ^^;; I already put in the details of my singup everything I really want, so feel free to disregard this entirely, but I know some Santas prefer more input over less, so here goes:

-I like slash, het, and femmeslash (though I don't think femmeslash would fit in any of the requests I made this year...). Gen is great, too! So don't feel like you have to toss people into bed if you're not cool with that.

-Any rating is fine. Graphic violence and/or sex is great, but tame is great, too. But please nothing extremely kinky or non-con (dub-con is cool, especially for the Hotel Dusk prompt, like if there needs to be a LOT of alcohol involved).

-I prefer angst over fluff. Sweet and sentimental is great as long as it's not too WAFF. I like ships that are complex and bittersweet.

-My fav pairings for these fandoms are Blake/Jayden, Kyle/Bradley, Kyle/Rachel, Kyle/Dylan, Reese/Finch, Reese/Fusco, Finch/Fusco. I'm okay with tons of others, but please no Blake/Madison, Kyle/Mila, or Carter/Fusco. (whoa just realized I've got two Detective Carters. Carter Blake/Lionel Fusco blows my mind a little now that I think about it).

I hope that helps, or at least doesn't derail you! ^^;; Thanks again, I'm looking forward to reveals already~
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Now that Yuletide is over I can post what I did! This was written for [ profile] d_sieya.

Fandom: Uncharted
Title: Somewhere Between An 8 And A 12
Rating: PG-13 because someone gets shot in the head.
Pairings/Characters: Nate/Elena
Disclaimer: These characters and setting do not belong to me and are being used without permission but for no profit
Summary: Nate and Elena share a "romantic" moment while hunting for treasure and running for their lives. Comments welcome and appreciated.

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Finished my Yuletide assignment! This is relatively late for me, but hey, so were the assignments. I think last year I hade mine in by November... Obviously I can't reveal yet what I wrote but I hope my recipient likes it. It was fun~

How many times have I done Yuletide now!? Lesse, I've done...

-2004: The Rundown (Beck/Travis). Good times, good times. Wrote this for the same person who wrote for me, actually.

-2005: Drakengard (Caim/Inuart). I think I got a review on this one complaining that Caim was too mean, to which I was like...dude. CAIM. I still enjoy this one.

-2006: Ace Attorney (Mia/Lana) Whoa did you know I wrote femmeslash?? I think this was the only year AA was eligible until this year.

-2007: Doom (gen). This was the toughest to write. Really not my best, sorry recipient :<

-2008: Warriors Orochi (Date/Naoe). Probably the longest I've ever written for Yuletide and my favorite thing to come out of it. Looooove this pairing, I was so excited to get this assignment.

-2009: Drakengard again (gen). I like getting Drakengard assignments because it's the only time I replay the game and remember how crazy it is.

I've gotten some great stuff and gotten some...well, crap. And one year I got several! That was pretty cool :D But going into specifics there is probably not kosher, except I got some FFT Slash from a very sweet lady who defaulted, but then finished anyway and emailed it to me. Super classy.

Can't wait to see how 2010 turns out :D

Anyone else doing Yuletide this year!? If you haven't finished yet, good luck!!
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Hey Santa! Thanks in advance for writing for me :D

As you could probably tell from my prompts, I'm a fan of slash and porn! (lol) But het or femslash in the case of the Muramasa prompt is also totally keen (gen and solo, too). I don't have many any details to add for my prompts because I'm really not picky, I'd love to see anything for these poor little fandoms, but in general:

-I prefer drama or comedy to fluff. No fluff, please.
-No non-con (dub-con is okay), no super kinky stuff (bondage, blood, watersports etc)

If you're not into writing NC-17 rated stuff don't sweat it! Also please don't fret over being matched for my 3rd or 4th choice, I love them all equally.

Sorry I'm not more specific, I think it's more fun that way. But if you absolutely need more to go on, please feel free to leave an anon comment.

Thanks again~
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Anyone on my FList in Inception fandom? Who's willing to help me out as a beta? For something other than Eames/Arthur? *eyebrow wiggle*

Speaking of fic, anyone know what's up with Yuletide this year? I keep peeking at the admin comm but I haven't seen any announcements. It's almost October! Is it not going to happen this year?? Inception would already be out since the fandom has been bonkers but there were a few things I wanted to put on my list... Like Kyle/Dylan... Not that I don't have enough fics to write already. Bahh need more time to write.

In other news, Lone Star series premiere was a bust, missed Chuck (but plan to watch it eventually), and Fringe has jumped the shark into a pit of poo. But at least fall is here! I love fall <3
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It's that time of the year again :D

Just got my Yuletide assignment! Now I gotta bone up for it. But in the meantime I figured I should leave a note for my santa!

Other than what I wrote in the prompts, in general I am not a fan of fluff. I prefer drama (even ANGST) but romance and humor are fine too, especially if they're on the darker side. I left my prompts pretty open and I really don't mind if you stretch them, but if you need something more specific to go on, I'm a yaoi fan (het and yuri too, though I don't think I requested anything that would lend to yuri...) and don't mind if I just get pwp :3. Nothing excessively kinky though, please (especially no non-con).

Also I ship Nobunaga/Ranmaru if that helps. And for Basara I'm looking for something more anime than game based, but if you have only the game to draw on that's cool. I think the Hotel Dusk prompt is self-explanatory and for Saw I have seen VI (twice <3) so if you can incorporate anything from the new plot stuff that'd be fa~bulous. And that's all I can think of!

Thank you so much Santa <3
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Heya Santa! Thanks for being my Yuletide buddy :D. I'm really not picky, but here are a few notes/prompts in case I was too vague in my requests.

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And in case my Gyaku-swap partner seees this too, I prefer something sexy, but if you're not comfortable with that, teasing, flirting, or comedy is just as good~
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So I watched This DMC4 trailer from the TGS 07 show floor and just about peed myself. Whenever there's a new game coming out, I tend to forget about it for weeks at a time, so by the time I'm reminded, something new and awesome has been announced. And TGS never lets me down <3

I want this game so bad ;_;.

Some thoughts on DMC and fandom )

On an unrelated note, I was finally able to rent Lair.

And I have some thoughts on that, too! )

Lastly, Yuletide signups are open. I almost requested Phoenix Wright, but then I realized I already signed up for [ profile] gyakusai_swap. I almost doubt they're gonna be able to match me with what I ended up requesting XD;;. Oh well, with Yuletide I usually enjoy the writing part more than the receiving anyway.


Sep. 20th, 2007 10:19 am
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When I saw this picture, I fell in love just a little bit.

Link 'cause it's big - spoiler free


The only thing hotter than a man in a suit is a man in only two pieces of a three piece suit. I love you, vest! Get yourself on more men, STAT!

Also, GSRP is back and taking apps!

Also also, Yuletide Fandom is back and taking fandom nominations. If you haven't done it before, it's a fanfic exchange for small, dead, or rare fandoms. I've done it the last three years and had a great time, and gotten some great stuff (and some not so great, but hey, that's part of it too XD). This is probably the last year Phoenix Wright will count as "small" so I've totally nominated it, along with Shadow of the Colossus, Final Fantasy Tactics, Hotel Dusk, and Odin Sphere. If you're a ficcer, give it a shot!

Hm, I need a new layout.

(Also, lol, "My Best Friend"?? Oh Kiri, you're so cute <3)
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AKA, brief X-mas entry.

I spent the holiday with my folks, as per usual, where we hosted Christmas Dinner for the relatives on my dad's side of the family. It was a great time with some great food, and my aunt made for me (and my brother and sister) a ridiculously warm winter blanket with kanji all over it. My parents got me some CDs, some froggy pajamas (I have a growing collection!), and some cooking stuff (yummy), my brother got me Ouendan (CAN'T STOP CHEERING), and my sister got me a little Daruma doll, which I've secretly wanted for a long time now. I'll have to think of something good to color his eye for (to tie into my New Years Resolutions, whatever...those turn out to be XD).

And then I got Final Fantasy III for myself, JUST BECAUSE THE RED MAGES ARE CUTE. The rest of my Xmas money is getting stored away for a PSP the moment FFT:SS is given an American release date.

In other news, Yuletide went down pretty smoothly this year. Better than usual, even...? Whoever got me must have scratched, because apparently I got not only one pitch-hit story, but...four!! I'm not exactly sure how that happened, but I'm not complaining. I got two PW stories with itty bitty Miles, one that was NokoMitsu, and a fabulous Delita/Ramza FFT fic. (Not that the others weren't fabulous, I'm just way into FFT at the moment, as you can tell by my new layout). I wouldn't normally consider myself a Delita/Ramza shipper, but it was very well done and I loves it. In case you're reading, mystery authors (*nudge wink*) thank you all so much.

I'm not sure the story I wrote got the best reception, but...oh well. It was the only way I could think to include all the characters that were requested. But I can't say anything more until authors are revealed on New Years.

Speaking of New Years...I have no idea what I'll be doing. O_o Probably baking a pie of some sort with my new cook book. It's my goal to recreate the Applebees Apple Chimmy-Cheesecake.

Happy Holidays everyone :D
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I haven't posted in a while, so here's my Holiday update. Xmas was great--went home, had dinner with Dad's family, got some lovely presents. The most interesting being:

-A Go board from [ profile] tanithkitty!! With cute wooden bowls and very nice quality stones. I can hold the stones pretty well but I need some practice playing. Not very good yet!
-KATAMARI DAMACY!! Could they make a more addictive game? NO I DON'T THINK SO!! Been playing mostly every free minute I have. I even had to go out and get We <3 Katamari. I have almost all the cousins!
-ICO, which I've been playing when I'm not playing Katamari or Go.
-Batman Begins. Bale is fine.
-Cooking supplies, and a 300 Recipe potato cookbook. Tomorrow's projected dinner: chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes. Yum yum!

Xmas 2005 was also a great year for fanfics! Yuletide was great. In a startling turn of events, my very sexy Rockstar INXS RPF was written by [ profile] cathybites, who wrote Van Helsing for me last year! And who I wrote Rundown for last year, too!! For not having many fandoms in common we seem to match up pretty well XD.

I wrote a Drakengard fic for Kuja no Miko. Not a pairing I would have written on my own, but I'm glad I had an excuse to write for the game. I put a lot into it and I hope it came out okay!

The MGS fic exchange, on the other hand, didn't go quite so well XDDD. I heard several people scratched on their stories. The fic I received was late and under word count! But I wrote Metal Gear based on "A Christmas Story", for [ profile] shadowstark (oh irony), that seemed to go over well. So it was fun, in it's own way.

And for New Years...I mostly played more Katamari with friends. THE END!

Happy Holidays everyone :D


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