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So the new television season is off and running, and because I'm trying not to have Real Housewives reruns playing every time the TV is on, I've been trying out some of the new shows. And just because I feel like it, here are my results~

Shows I've already given up on

I guess it doesn't matter what I thought of The Playboy Club at this point, since it's already been cancelled, but it was really dull. The only part I kind of enjoyed was the singing acts that sometimes went on in the club. But lots of girls in bunny suits wandering around not doing anything just isn't any fun. Better luck if you get to cable, bunnies~

The X Factor. It's already just American Idol, and Simon's "I'm so honest and mean" schtick is just so damn old by now. The spend too much time on the bar performers, and the ones the judges cheered for just didn't sound all that good to me. I don't know why they bothered lowering the age limit. Sure there are some 13 year olds that can sing great, but they will almost never sound better than an adult with experience. So goodbye, Simon. No more singing shows for me.

Shows that are just okay

I really wanted to like Terra Nova a lot. I LOOOOOOOVE dinosaurs but seeing their SyFy original CG monstrosities flap about makes me cry. Still, I like the "YOU'RE ON PANDORA" guy enough that I can overlook that. The thing that's really bogging the show down for me right now is that I don't like the main family. None of them are particularly convincing acting wise, and for some reason I just find the father really unlikable, so I don't really care if any of them get eaten. This show has nothing on Land of the Lost (not that horrible movie, the beacon of light and love from my childhood) but I'll give it a few more episodes.

American Horror Story on FX will, I think, become really good at some point. But for now it's just so unexpectedly weird that I'm not sure I can say I enjoy it. I love me some McDermott and can't complain that he spent half of the pilot naked but it's got the same frustration of every haunted house story potentially stretched out over a season rather than a silly two hour movie: "Is this house haunted!?" YES the house is haunted, duh. Watching the characters wander about, confused, not understanding what's going on doesn't equal tension to me unless it's done extremely well, otherwise it's just tedious. Buuuut I love horror so I'll watch a few more of this, too.

Shows that are legitimately cool

Still watching Auction Hunters whenever I can, because it is fun and awesome. Alan and Ton seem like they have a genuine rapport, and I pray no asshole on F!S ruins the show for me by talking about how "in real life" they're merely business partners for the sure (like they did Mythbusters. Killed half the show's fun :( ). Also, Horders and Animal Hording are ironically addicting. I don't know what it is about these shows but they suck you in and are so distracting, thanks to the text on the screen. Top Chef: Just Desserts has fallen off my radar, but I'm looking forward to the REAL Top Chef coming back.

But so far the most interesting new show of the season is, for me, Person of Interest, with Michael Emerson and James Caviezel. The premise requires some suspended disbelief, and sometimes Caviezel's character Reese is a little too gruff and good at what he does, but it works because the actors work really well together. Even without shipper goggles in place, I enjoy their interaction, and the almost-trust they're very slowly building. But I really want to see Reese get taken down a peg. In fact, I want him to get shot. That's what I said about Chase back in Human Target and it never happened, and I'm pretty sure that's why the show didn't do well. Don't be afraid to shoot people from time to time, TV.

Anyone else with a TV report to share?

In other news, I am reading....a book *GASP*. Yes, a real, paperback book. This may not sound monumental, but I actually haven't sat down with a book for a long time. For the past few weeks my lunch breaks have been taken up with The Somnambulist, which I picked up from Borders at 70% off after seeing it on a steampunk rec list (yes, I have developed a tentative interest in steampunk). Unfortunately, a little over halfway through the book, the plot has not moved ahead so much as one iota since the opening chapters. I'm pretty sure the entire point of this book is to introduce ugly, unlikeable characters, who assure me that something is going to happen, or something has already happened, without any explanation. Every single character has at one point said to the protagonist, "I heard about Clapham," so that said protagonist can wince, or squirm, or tell them to shut up, but if the reviews are to be believed, "Clapham" will never be explained. This book is all punk and no steam :\ And there certainly isn't any sleepwalking!

Has anyone heard of this book, or better yet, have any steampunk recs that are actually steampunk and don't suck?

Maybe next time I'll talk about movies...
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