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So on Saturday, I'm leaving town for a week to go camping with my family! We go every year with my dad's brothers and sisters (and their families), just like he's been going since he was a kid. Haven't missed a year since I was 4 months old :D

I'd go even MORE if only I could bring my internets with me :( But then I'd be one of THOSE campers. Kinda defeats the point of tenting it when you're checking your email.

Timing's unfortunate this year because CR just came back. Which WHOA, WERE YOU EXPECTING THAT!? Ugh I've got so much work to do. But that's why Kenji 2 is coming with me on the 4 hour car ride. Gotta actually beat the game refresh myself so I can start on the case write-ups. I was trying to update the character pages last night but I didn't know which names fit to which people, lol. Oh Kenji, I hope the new characters are more interesting than they look, because... eh. None of them have really caught my interest.

And if you're thinking that I mean "there aren't enough hot guys" that is only part of it thank you very much!

In other news, the Uncharted 3 beta ended and I am filled with sadness. I didn't even get to level 20! Why is it not yet November!? TIME, PASS MORE QUICKLY. Need this game, seriously.

Lastly, on a random but delightful note, I noticed Limbo on the PSN today. So getting it when I'm back. Creepiest freaking game ever, you should all own it and despair.

Annnnnnnd that's it. See you later!
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I'm back :D

Camping was great fun! This was the first time my sister and I stayed on our own site, with a cute little tent and our own kitchen fly and everything (usually we're with our parents and brother). We had a few racoon run-ins and a loaf of bread went mysterously missing, but otherwise we fared very well. It was sunny and 80 all week, except, of course, for the night before it was time to pack up. Then we got hit by a humongo thunderstorm (some of the loudest thunder I've ever heard!) that soaked everything through. Fun times :P

On Tuesday we went for a boat ride, and I sunburned my boobies ;_;. Curse you, tank-ini!

I also went water skiing for the first time in over a year. It was fun, especially when I realized I hadn't forgotten how to get up. But the special gift of skiing is being reminded of every muscle you didn't think could be sore. But that was Friday, so I can lift my arms over my head by now XD;; (My mom took a photo of me skiing that I might get from her to put up).

Anyway, we were on Lake Charlevoix, which is probably the most beautiful view Michigan has to offer (according to me). Plots of land that have lake access sell for a million dollars each, or more, depending on the area (and that's not even including the house!). It opens out into Lake Michigan, which is so big it looks like the ocean, and so clear you can often see the bottom 30ft below you. We went out to the dunes on the east bank of the lake to look for Petoskey Stones, which are only found in certain areas of Michigan, and came back with quite a bundle. This is probably one of our best years for camping.

You're all invited next year :D

BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY: I bought post cards!

I got 16, and I promised one for Silver and Gef already, so the first 14 people to comment with their address will get a postcard of Croik's Random Fun Time Camping Nonsense Trivia (comments will be screen for privacy). I can't guarantee they'll make sense but you just might get a chuckle.

So did I miss anything? :D
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Every year my family goes on a camping trip to Young State Park, AND NOW THAT TIME HAS COME. So I'll be gone until the 12th. This time I'm DEFINATELY getting postcards like I did last year. When I get back I'll throw up a screened post for people that would like one :D

The last three years, despite great preparation, I've come back with the tops of my boobies sunburnt. Here's hoping that's not the case this year!

Smell ya later :3

(GEF! I'm gonna try and work on that drabble tonight. If I don't get it done before we go, I'll...owe you another. XD;;;)


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