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So on Saturday, I'm leaving town for a week to go camping with my family! We go every year with my dad's brothers and sisters (and their families), just like he's been going since he was a kid. Haven't missed a year since I was 4 months old :D

I'd go even MORE if only I could bring my internets with me :( But then I'd be one of THOSE campers. Kinda defeats the point of tenting it when you're checking your email.

Timing's unfortunate this year because CR just came back. Which WHOA, WERE YOU EXPECTING THAT!? Ugh I've got so much work to do. But that's why Kenji 2 is coming with me on the 4 hour car ride. Gotta actually beat the game refresh myself so I can start on the case write-ups. I was trying to update the character pages last night but I didn't know which names fit to which people, lol. Oh Kenji, I hope the new characters are more interesting than they look, because... eh. None of them have really caught my interest.

And if you're thinking that I mean "there aren't enough hot guys" that is only part of it thank you very much!

In other news, the Uncharted 3 beta ended and I am filled with sadness. I didn't even get to level 20! Why is it not yet November!? TIME, PASS MORE QUICKLY. Need this game, seriously.

Lastly, on a random but delightful note, I noticed Limbo on the PSN today. So getting it when I'm back. Creepiest freaking game ever, you should all own it and despair.

Annnnnnnd that's it. See you later!
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Fuck. Saw the new GK2 updates and all I can say is fuck, I'm so....ugh. I can't stand it. Do Not Want, in caps. I'm sure everyone's excited but I can't even look, because it's just such a bad sign for the franchise, I mean seriously. If I talk to anyone who's excited about it now I'm gonna lose my nachos. I'm just so irritated I'm mostly incoherent right now, I went to bed mad at the entirety of the internet. Which is so stupid, I know, how can something so dumb make you so grumbly.

And that's it: I'm not pissed, really, I'm just a horrible grump of a grinch. Capcom...I am disappoint.

Gonna go update now. Pfft.
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TGS ain't over yet but already there are a few more surprises than I was expecting this year...! But let's start with the most important.


Oh really, asshole )


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