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It's been a while, so...time for a Croik Update! In list form!

The Good

-I've been making Frisbees Flying Sports Discs for 90 days now, so today I got to fill out papers for health insurance! And I get dental and vision, too! SCORE

-I got my brother a job at the plant too, so for the next few weeks he's living with me and TK to save up money. I now have access to his Wii and the single Wii game that interests me. I also made a Lt. Carter Blake Mii when he wasn't looking.

-I got Super Street Fighter IV!

-[ profile] gyakusai_rp is fighting strong and the disbarment is only two days away! It's pretty ridiculous how much fun the anticipation is.

The Bad

-My worst work-related fear was realized the other day, but it didn't happen to me: a co-worker of mine accidentally tripped his machine while his hand was still under the stamping iron. He was lucky not to break any fingers, but they took him to the hospital with second degree burns! I wasn't there to see it or anything but it's really freaky. Poor guy :(

-I am terribly behind updating CR >.>;; And writing, and the quilt I'm working on, and cosplay (though I did get the fabric!). Blah too many projects. Need more time.

-I suck at Super Street Fighter IV!

-Kinda want to advertise [ profile] courtroomlobby, kinda scared of it becoming DR-ish. You people reading my LJ, check it out! (psst it's an open RP comm for AA)

-Ong Bak 2 was an extreme disappointment.

The Wave

I actually finished this a while ago but it took time to get my room together and clean enough to take a proper picture.

Which is just behind the cut! )
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For any Ace Attorney fans lurking on my Flist but not yet a member, [ profile] gyakusai_rp has had a lot of drops lately and is really eager for new players. We're going into a long-running Global Studios themed event that will end in a murder mystery, with as many characters as possible being involved. So if you've ever had interest in the RP or have never heard of it but still want to be part of our push through to Kenji, come over and Check it out!.

In other news, I painted my bedroom at the new house today 8D~~~ Will have before and after pictures soon!
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You know how it is when you eat Cheetos, and...for a while, they're like, awesome. And then you eat too many that it makes you kind of sick, and you're like... "Damn. I'm not going to eat those for a while." But then you're at Subway and the guy says, "You want the combo?" and some SOME reason YOU GET THE CHEETOS AGAIN.

That's kind of the way I am with RP groups. D:

It's been just about a year since [ profile] gyakusai_rp closed down. It had a good run and was a lot of fun despite some bumps and an awkward ending. But just a few minutes ago I was talking to [ profile] harmonicstrife (the guy who played Aiga and Max - beautifully, I might add) and as we talked about how much fun we had, the thought came up...could we start it again? DARE WE START THAT AGAIN!?

So some chatter later we came to the idea of "What went on in the 7 years between GS3 and GS4? Would that be interesting to play? If we set it right after GS3, could we nudge aside some of the events of GS4 and keep Phoenix as a lawyer instead of a hobo, thus negating most of the GS4 spoilers? Could we have a teeny 15 year old Apollo and say 'Who cares if he's not supposed to meet Phoenix yet - slap them boys together, they get along great!'"

No plants, no animals, no ghosts. No court cases (they're imposssssssible). A stricter application process, maybe? Are there any of you former players out there who would be interested in starting over, with new characters or the same? (I don't think I'd want to be Edgeworth again). Anyone who missed it the first round but would be interested in it now? This is just a tentative post, I'm not sure how feasible this kind of set-up really is...but I'd like to know if this interests anyone.

Gahhhhh I can't help it, I keep coming back XD;;;;;

EDIT: Goddamnit XD


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