Jan. 15th, 2011

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Omg, Green Hornet. OH MY GOD, GREEN HORNET!!!

Someone on my Flist say you have seen it. I'm still not sure of what I just watched, except that I spent the entire time laughing my ass off or squealing or maybe swearing a few times. I'm usually not a Seth Rogen girl but he was such a little asshole, for some reason I loved the dumb goober. And Kato was like, omg, orgasmic. Please to be casting him in every movie from now on, kthnx.

It was all just so bizarre and stupid and damn entertaining. To speak nothing of the BLATANT HOMOEROTIC SUBTEXT. And not even in that "Eames kicks Arthur's chair, darling," kind of way, I mean in the Britt bends Kato over the foosball table and Kato punches him in the balls to get him off kind of way. JFC people. I took my BROTHER and my MALE FRIEND to this movie!

And once TK and I got home I had this horrible thought, that what I really watched was one 90 minute "gay is gross and that's why we're inviting you to laugh at it" joke. And ugh I really don't like that thought. I'd kind of like to find an interview where it's addressed...?

Ok one of you has to have seen it. What did you think??


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