Apr. 28th, 2011

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Whoaaaaaa sorry for the wait! I almost got eaten alive by my Reverse Bang (I've barely read any of them, too! I'm sorry! I'm going to finish Helix this weekend and get on that, I swear!). Thanks for being patient with me <3

Fandom: Inception
Title: The Helix Trap
Chapter: 18 (7,900 words) (For other parts, art and graphics, please check my My main post)
Rating: R
Pairings/Characters: Eames/Robert, Arthur/Ariadne, Cobb, Yusuf, Saito, Browning, and others.
Warnings: Violence, sexual content.
Disclaimer: These characters and setting do not belong to me and are being used without permission but for no profit
Summary: After the Inception proves successful, Eames tracks down Robert out of concern for its unusual side effects. Meanwhile, Arthur is hired to a dangerous job that forces the rest of the team to take sides: whether to defend Robert and his fragile mind, or ruin him completely.
Notes: C&C Welcome and appreciated. Thanks to my betas [livejournal.com profile] chypie and [livejournal.com profile] tanithkitty for their input!

After working so closely with a soundtrack for my i_rb I've taken an interest in putting together a fanmix for this fic! I have a few things picked out (Stone Sour, Emily Browning, a few instrumentals by Otani Kow) but I need some more, so if you have any music recs please please send them along! :D

In which the smallest ideas make for the fiercest inceptions )

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