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Most people on my FList have been talking about the new Edgeworth game, so I figure I might as well put in a few words!

I'm looking forward to the game a lot, but at the same time I'm a little worried about it. On the positive side, Edgeworth and Gumshoe are awesome. I have no problem with them changing up the gameplay, because that's really what spin offs are for, and it could be fun. And Edgeworth's little running animation is so fabulously adorable <3

It also has the added bonus of appeasing a lot of the anti-AJ fans (at least, I hope so). People miss Edgeworth, and with his own side game, maybe that'll keep them from pushing for him to show up in GS5. I certainly wouldn't mind if he WAS in GS5, but I don't want Capcom to shoehorn him in without a really good reason, so if GK satisfies that, maybe it means GS5 won't have to worry about accomodating Edgeworth as fanservice.

Or, maybe GK will tie in to GS5 and GIVE Edgeworth an excuse to show up there, which would be just as cool.

But on the other hand, I worry about their choice of setting. Setting GK during the first game might just as well indicate they're making no effort to tie it to AJ's canon at all, and that it's just a throwaway money-maker. Like my brother pointed out to me, slipping in an extra chapter within the middle of a game means that Edgeworth doesn't have much room to develop at all - if he doesn't start and end as kind of an ass, they're ret-conning his personality from game 1, and if he does, is it really worth it? 1-5 already did its damnedest to make Edgweorth out to be a victim more than a determined but ultimately unethical prosecutor, and already it's looking like GK will continue to make Edgeworth out to be the hero.

On the official website, the quote along the side reads, "A proscutor is someone who gets a guilty verdict. But I don't think that's all there is to it." Call me crazy, but that second part is very obviously NOT the attitude Edgeworth had before 1-4. True the game takes place at a time where Phoenix is starting to break down that ideology, but if anything important happens in these cases that helps Edgeworth become a better person, that's like...spitting on Phoenix. AGAIN.


Also, I don't think that profile pic is Kris and I don't want it to be Kris. >8(

In short I'm still looking forward to GS5 more than I am GyakuKen.
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Now that GS4 has been out for a while and all the English names have been updated, I went back and updated most of my fics. And then I remembered that I didn't post all of them, or I posted them all to different places, so I thought...why not do a catalog post!? So that's what this is, of all my Phoenix Wright Fic.

There's quite a few! )

Whoo! Lotta links.


Sep. 20th, 2007 10:19 am
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When I saw this picture, I fell in love just a little bit.

Link 'cause it's big - spoiler free


The only thing hotter than a man in a suit is a man in only two pieces of a three piece suit. I love you, vest! Get yourself on more men, STAT!

Also, GSRP is back and taking apps!

Also also, Yuletide Fandom is back and taking fandom nominations. If you haven't done it before, it's a fanfic exchange for small, dead, or rare fandoms. I've done it the last three years and had a great time, and gotten some great stuff (and some not so great, but hey, that's part of it too XD). This is probably the last year Phoenix Wright will count as "small" so I've totally nominated it, along with Shadow of the Colossus, Final Fantasy Tactics, Hotel Dusk, and Odin Sphere. If you're a ficcer, give it a shot!

Hm, I need a new layout.

(Also, lol, "My Best Friend"?? Oh Kiri, you're so cute <3)


Aug. 2nd, 2007 10:57 pm
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A while back Gef and I were talking about something unholy, so I thought I should beat him to the punch and write a drabble based one of his fanarts. I don't think I did it justice, but I hope you like it Gef~~~

Gant/Karma, spoilers for PW:AA )

Thanks to [ profile] silverwind9 for beta-ing it for me :D
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I wrote this fic for the amazingly talented [ profile] gefrierpunkt, bestower of sexy arts and, a recent favorite of mine, Epic Tongue Battle. Bow down to him~~~~~

Title: No Compromise Necessary
Author: [ profile] croik
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Yuusaku/Mareka/Adrian. Threesome, baby.
Summary: Pretty much a PWP. GS3 characters but no spoilers.

GS3 is not mine - as is obvious, because of the lack of porn )
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I've been meaning to do this for a while, and thanks to TK, I finally did!

Croik's 5 minute cosplay of Masaka Sakai! - spoilers for 4-1 )
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I know there are PW fans who have covertly friended me :O (And some not so covertly)

So any of you guys know of GOOD PW het fic? CR's fanfiction section is seriously lacking in het. I've got gen, yaoi, and yuri - no het! Hell, I'll even take Kaminogi/Mia if it doesn't suck.

I want a well-rounded archive, and I don't want to wait until T&T is out and everyone falls in love with Amasugis <33

plz help~

By the way, anyone check out that new RP that's starting up? Is it wrong that I'm tempted? I'm not even sure what the setup is, but... hmm, deep thoughts.
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I'm pretty sure I mentioned in here a while ago that there were some silly Phoenix Wright fannies intent on buying the super-special-fudgety-awesome-special-fun-pack which is the GS4 limited edition DESPITE very limited quantities and speaking zero Japanese. I made a solemn vow that if any of these people got a copy and I didn't, someone would be receiving a cunt-punch VIA THE INTERNT.

I just now received an email from Play-Asia that my LE has been shipped. I picked the slowest shipping so it'll be a while, but at least it's on its way. I have a copy.

Rest easy, fangeeks of the great web. Your cunts are safe from my fist.

FOR NOW!!!!!

(btw - the little waitress girl? Totally looks like me. TK even says so.)
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Okay, so....two more. I finally finished my handwritten kanji project of DOOM, so I managed to get more done. I'll finish more eventually, I promise XD;;;;

NaruMitsu, for Rackhamrose )

Gant x Karma for gefrierpunkt )
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An unexpected personal accomplishment started my year, in the form of Newtype Magazine's Jan. 2007 issue, page 129. At the end of an article on Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney: Justice For All, there is a small box that reads:

"Still haven't had enough "Objection!" and "Take that!" action after this game? Then have a look at, a suprb Phoenix Wright fansite that includes walkthroughs, story timelines, character stats, and all manner of fan generated content [fan fiction, fan art, fan videos, etc.] What is Phoenix's height, anyway? And how does Franziska get away with using her whip in a court of law?"

Court Records is the fansite I've been running off my personal page, which will officially be one year old come the 27th of this month. In that short time I've gone through hundreds of updates and somehow attracted over 800 members to the forum. And now, I've been emailed by Capcom's official forums, and even got a shout out in a printed magazine! Not bad, huh? :D

Meanwhile, still chugging along on FFXII. My characters are at level 63 and I have over 120 hours logged so far. Just beat the Hell Wyrm last night after an epic 2 and a half hour battle! All I have left is a dozen or so rare monsters for my beastiary, finishing exploring the map, The Seer, and the most intimidating challenge since 1 million roses: Yiazmat, of the 50 MILLION HP. More than six times the amount Hell Wyrm had. That'll have to be an all day event. Ugh, gotta level up first.

I've been trying to get through FFIII as well, but I have to say, it's...really boring. I knew it would be a cheesy little game with no story and poor mechanics when I bought it, but even the job class system is letting me down. But that's a subject for a different post.
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Man, it feels like I haven't been around my own journal in a while! Just been so busy with other stuff. What, you say!?


That's right, I've fallen head first into the glorious wackiness that is gay lawyers Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. If you are in possession of a DS and a sense of humor there's no excuse for not having it. I have already professed my love for the series with a four part NokoMitsu fic, two RP journals, and even a damn fansite.

But seriously, it's so....refreshing to be in a fandom of awesome people with just right amount of fangirl silliness and respect for characterization. Our RP ROCKS. We're right in the middle of our first trial and it's sooooo much fun! (Except that my character is now in prison suspected of murder Q_Q) IF ANY OF YOU GUYS ARE READING THIS I LOVE YOU~~~~!!

*ahem* Moving on, I haven't given a work update lately. Several of my books are out now (Embracing Love 2, Kizuna 4 and 5, Cage in the Finder...) and Play Boy Blues is coming out this week! Here's the skinny )

Okay I think that's it for me!


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