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Hi there Trick or Treater!  Thanks for being my partner J  I've done a lot of exchanges before but not this one, so I'm excited to see what you come up with for me.  I'm going to leave some prompts/ideas but feel free to do whatever, I like being surprised.  I added some prompts for tricks and treats, but really I don't mind something that falls in between, and in general I prefer dark to light fics/art.  Anything Halloween themed is very welcome, it's my favorite holiday!

General likes:

Darkfic, angst
Gore and body horror
Zombie AUs
Silent Hill AUs
Action and violence
Snark and banter
First Times
Slash, femslash, het
Dub-con and non-con
Solo, poly, everything in between
Bondage and tentacles
Size difference/size kink
Aphrodisiacs, especially gameplay devices (green gel, Estus, blood vials used for pleasure)
Emphasis on clothing (especially fashionsouls!)
Crossovers and fushions between my requested fandoms

I'm open to receiving IF, drabbles, or whatever else.


General dislikes:


Mundane AU
2nd person POV/Reader insert


Laurence, Brador, Simon, Ludwig


I'm super interested in early Yharnam, just as the church was getting started and the scourge with it.  Any glimpse into the lives of those right at the head of the movement would be very welcome.  Maybe they're hopeful that the curative powers of the Old Blood will pave the way for a new era for them, steeped with dramatic irony. Maybe they're just starting to realize that things are about to go to shit.  Maybe they're fighting the scourge or maybe they're resigned to it.  Something Lovecraftian and tragic would be lovely.

I love love love the fashion and aesthetic of Yharnam, so any focus there is very welcome.

I ship everyone with everyone, and I'm open to other characters from canon being added as well.  I especially like Laurence/Brador, Laurence/Ludwig, Brador/Simon, Laurence/Annalise.  Laurence/a Great One would also be super cool.

If you're doing fanart I don't have any particular headcanons for how the characters look, those we don't see in the game. Feel free to go with whatever.

Some example prompts:


-Laurence using his charisma (or, you know, his cock) to inspire loyalty and gain followers, meeting other characters for the first time (and seducing them)
-Laurence using the Old Blood to cure someone, maybe Brador or Simon
-Some kind of Yharnam festival leftover from before they started worshipping the Old Ones (Yharnam Halloween??)
-Ludwig and his hunters viewing their ability to control the scourge favorably/expressing optimism
-Fix-it where Laurence actually DOES find a cure for the Scourge

-Laurence employing his assassins for the first time

-Some kind of fallout following the destruction of the Fishing Hamlet, or even as it's happening
-Brador and Simon at odds with each other/fighting/hatefucking, or starting out friendly and getting to that point, even up until Simon's death in the dream
-Someone confronting Laurence about the side effects of the Old Blood that are just arising
-Laurence desperately seeking a cure for his own symptoms, maybe even negotiating with the Vilebloods
-Ludwig despairing over the state of his "noble Spartans" not ending up as he'd hoped
-Any one of them entering BeastMode

Dark Souls

Prince Lothric, Prince Lorian, Aldrich, Gwendolyn, Orbeck, Leonhard


Full disclosure: I've only played Dark Souls 3, but I've read up on the others and am familiar with their stories.

My favorite thing about Dark Souls is that everything is beautiful and doomed.  I love the overwhelming feeling of tragedy that encompasses everything, and the different ways in which the characters either struggle against or submit to their fate.  There are no happy endings in Dark Souls so I'd love something dark and tragic, characters losing hope, characters using and destroying each other, etc.

I'll all aboard the incest train for Twin Princes so feel free to go there.  Whether it's tragic romance or something more sinister between them, what their ultimate fate is is up to you.  I'm okay with other characters showing up, or viewing the characters I asked for through someone else's eyes.

Some example prompts:


-Lorian accepting his brother's curse, emphasis on their bond and loyalty to each other
-Lorian and Lothric cuddling or else getting it on (getting spotted? Especially if it's Kamui and he's intrigued)
-Lorian defies canon by saving his uncle Gwendolyn from Aldrich
-Gwendolyn having a moment of peace with his nephews (threesome is okay too?)
-Leonhard and Orbeck sharing magic spells/practicing together at the shrine to help the Ashen One
-Leonhard finds Orbeck headed for his death in the Archives and saves/stops him.


-Lothric and Lorian deciding it's time to fuck off and watch the world end
-The twins succumbing to the Unkindled
-Gwendolyn sending pre-sludge Aldrich to the cathedral, unaware that he's sealing his own doom
-Aldrich consuming Gwendolyn
-Leonhard enjoying invading and killing others
-However Leonhard got his burn scars
-Orbeck dying in the Archives and why he chose to flee in the first place

Resident Evil

Chris, Piers, Jake, Sheva, Helena, Leon

I've recently been replaying Resident Evil 6, and it's been a lot of fun revisiting the characters and the wacky monster hijinks they get themselves into.  I love the slower paced, creeping dread of the original games, but I also enjoy the over the top monster-shooting action fest that the later games bring.  Basically, whatever flavor of terrible shit you want to throw at these guys, I'm game for.  I love that their entire lives are basically them throwing themselves into the most gruesome situations and then fighting out of them, and the bond that forms between them in the process.

I've played or watched let's plays for most of the games, except for the Wii ones, so I'm cool with the characters being placed at any point in the timeline.  I ship Chris/Piers, Chris/Jake, Piers/Jake, Chris/Leon, Jake/Sherry, Wesker/Chris, Jill/Sheva, Helena/Sheva, or just about any other combination you can think of.

Some example prompts:


-Chris and Piers pre-game, maybe when Piers is new, his first mission for example, or them getting together
-Chris finds Piers post game and tries to cure him/stays with him even if he's basically a monster squid (fixit welcome)
-Instead of staying with Leon post RE6, Helena joins the BSAA and meets Jill/Sheva
-Leon gets to take a goddamn vacation for once
-Jake doesn't just wander off after RE6 and sticks around with Sherry
-Any combination of characters getting it on, bonus points if they're at some kind of "we survived BOW hell!" Halloween party


-Chris finds Piers post game and CAN'T save him
-Post RE6, Piers can only retain some humanity by taking blood regularly from Jake
-Leon during or after RE4 with the plaga still inside him, ready to bust out and kill him at any moment (bonus points if he kind of gets off on having it)
-Any of our heroes bravely fighting off (or getting eaten by/becoming) zombies

Tossing any two heroes together who don't get to meet in games just to see what happens, no matter what the situation, is very cool.

The Evil Within
The Administrator, Myra, Tatiana, Ruvik, Sebastian, Juli

TEW is still my main fandom, and I'd love to receive pretty much anything for it.  I love the gore, the reality-bending, the conspiracy behind it all.  I've been deeply steeped in mid-game and post-game already, so right now what I'm really interested in is pre-game.

I'd love to see glimpses of the characters before Beacon and STEM.  Whether it's far enough back for things to be genuinely good for them, or even when they're still terrible.  Glimpses of how things were or even how they could have been.  This is one fandom where I'm totally happy with something AU or what-if, as long as it still has its toes in canon.  Mobius and their sneaky dealings, Ruvik doing experiments on helpless victims, Leslie surviving within the asylum, Team KCPD working a case.    Any of them crossing over with Resident Evil or Silent Hill.  Maybe even an AU where Ruvik was never burned in the fire/Laura is alive and how that one change would affect the rest of the plot.

I ship Seb/Ruvik, Seb/Joseph, Seb/Joseph/Ruvik, Seb/Joseph/Myra, Seb/Myra, Myra/Tatiana, Tatiana/Juli, Myra/Tatiana/Juli, Seb/Administrator, Seb/Juli.

Some prompts:

-Team KCPD on the beat (or the three of them crossing into another fandom, another era, maybe doing a ghost hunters AU?)
-KCPD Halloween party!
-Lily's first Halloween, oh god, break my heart
-Seb/Jo/Myra in some kind of pre-fire threesome arrangement
-Ruvik enjoying himself dissecting and experimenting on people
-Ruvik without his burns, either in hiding or as a successful doctor
-Some glimpse at the history between the Mobius gang, what they believe in and what they do when they're not being terrible (my headcanon is that Myra is among them willingly but feel free to spin it however you like)


-Something gruesome, with either Ruvik or the Mobius gang torturing people to be used for STEM.  Or even them all working together
-Ruvik when he's betrayed by Mobius and dissected
-Something from Myra's POV living her lie of a life with Sebastian, before or after the fire
-An AU where Dr. Victoriano becomes a doctor to one of the other characters and takes advantage
-Mobius being terrible


Rafe, Talbot, Marlowe, Harry, Chloe, Nadine

I love Uncharted for its sense of danger and adventure, and the occasional moral ambiguity.  But we get plenty of Nate in canon so I'm a lot more interested in the villains and side characters!  I really like the idea that international treasure hunting is a relatively small pool of people, and they all know each other and have met/fucked/fought each other at some point.  I'd love to see any of their misadventures as they hunt for gold and steal from each other.  I ship Rafe/Harry, Talbot/Marlowe, Talbot/Marlowe/Rafe, Rafe/Cutter Chloe/Nadine.

Some Prompts:

-Porn for any of the above mentioned ships
-A slice of adventure for one or more, especially if they don't technically meet in the game
-Commiserating on how much they hate Nathan Drake....!!
-The characters who die miraculously escaping their fate because ~supernatural~


-The dead characters coming back wrong because ~supernatural~
-While hunting for artifacts they unleash the zombie apocalypse (crossover with The Last of Us welcome)
-Dub or non-con porn

Dead By Daylight

Claudette Morrell, Evan Macmillan | Trapper, Jake Park, Meg Thomas, Nea Karlsson, Sally Smithson | The Nurse

I haven't played the game because of PC limitations but I've watched a ton of people playing.  I'm a huge fan of old school horror/slasher tropes so I love the game's tone and atmosphere, while also loving how much fun people have playing it.  It's a great mashup and the story is so open and the style so classically spooky there's lots you could do with it. 


-Any of our heroes enjoying a moment of peace around the campfire
-"We're dead anyway so we might as well fuck!" trope
-The killers really enjoying their work
-The killers just really want to be understood and they strike a truce!


-The killers successfully killing everyone
-An exploration of what happens to you after you're sacrificed
-Our heroes falling to madness and despair because there's no escape
-An exploration of the killers before they became what they are

Sakamoto desu ga?

Sakamoto, Hayabusa, Atsushi

This anime was such a surprising delight for me.  I love its wacky sense of humor, and how no matter how bizarre the problem is or how even MORE bizarre Sakamoto's solution is, everything always manages to work out for the best.  I would love anything that captures the show's quirkiness, even if taking it to a much darker place.  I ship Sakamoto with Atsushi and Hayabusa and am especially interested in what Sakamoto's attempt at dating would really look like.

(I haven't read the manga but I'm okay with spoilers). 

-A Halloween special!  Costumes, haunted houses, ghost stories, Sakamoto's attempt at any of them.
-Sakamoto's bizarre mating rituals, whatever that might entail.
-Atsushi attaches to Hayabusa after Sakamoto is gone.


-Fukase finds some way to cause real, serious trouble for our boys that winds up with someone hurt
-Atsushi's "assault" during the graduation ceremony goes too far
-Sakamoto is revealed to be an alien/demon/etc and it's so, so much worse than anyone could have anticipated (feel free to go super dark or super kinky, inhuman biology is encouraged!)

Thank you for reading!  I'm excited to see what you come up with :D



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